Zombie Wedding

Zombie Wedding
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Halloween? No, no, no you're just attending a super stylish zombie wedding! Have you ever imagined that zombies could fall in love? Well, if you listen very carefully, not only do they say "Braaaaaainnns" and "Urrrrrggghh" but they also say "Loooovvvvee Me." I guess these two scary ghouls found each other just before they devoured a victim! And right after that...they started organazing their freaky wedding. A couple of hours later...you are invitated to attend their wedding ceremony. Don't you imagine that you are just one of their guest...you are the special guest who's going to style the drop-dead gorgeous zombie bride and the handsome zombie groom for the most important night of their lives. Now start playing the "Zombie Wedding" dress up game, rummage through their wardrobes and see what spooktacular wedding gown and wedding suit, matching accessories and new hairstyle you can find in to style them both from head to toe for their wedding ceremony! Enjoy!
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