Winx Puzzle Set 2

Winx Puzzle Set 2
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I'm gonna tell you girls a little story.. something I like to do very much in the winter time. When I was 6 I got a present with a puzzle of Alice in Wonderland. I spent 8 days working on it 8 hours a day to complete it and the result was amazing. It still brings up memories. My puzzle had 1000 pieces and I had to do it as the picture was a fairy tale scenery. Now...coming back to our cool Winx game...this is also a puzzle and a very cool one. It has 6 cool pictures to try out and the coolest part is you get points for completing the puzzle as fast as you can. All the pictures have a life captured moment with your favorite characters: Winx. Be sure to rank high in the scoreboard at the end. If you think you can do better you can start doing the puzzles from the beginning as many times as you want. I'm actually pretty convinced of your perfect puzzle solving skills so this should not pose any problem. Have fun and ask your friends to come along.. maybe you'll do even a contest :)
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