Waffle Eggwiches Cooking Game

Waffle Eggwiches Cooking Game
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When it comes to homemade waffle eggwiches is always double for me. Hope you guys love them as much as I do as today we are going to make two for me and two for you and it is going to be in the shortest time possible. ? A waffle eggwich is a combination of waffle, egg, veggies, fried bacon, everything being mixed and placed between two pieces of waffles in order to make it look like a sandwich. The waffle eggwich is actually a sandwich but it uses two crunchy waffles instead of bread and let me tell you girls that these special snacks are great for breakfast, dinner, picnic or even as a snack. Play the 'Waffle Eggwiches Cooking Game' and learn how to cook this tasty treat in your very own kitchen and make sure you practice a lot till you manage to come up with the greatest snack in the world. Have fun girls!
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