Virtual Puppy

Virtual Puppy
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Let's imagine you've just received a puppy as a gift! Do you know exactly what it takes to keep him healthy and happy? Well, start playing the "Virtual Puppy" pet caring game and discover if you have the right skills to be this adorable tiny puppy's new owner! Your first task in this great puppy caring game is to feed the little one so, pick up the bottle of milk and carefully feed your new buddy. Great! Now that he's fed maybe he would love to take a nap...and here is your second task in the "Virtual Puppy" caring game: you'll have to play some soft music using your keyboard keys and paying great attention to the falling letters in order to help the puppy sleep. Well done! Now continue the game and show your affection by gently caressing him up! Fulfill his needs as best as you can in order to advance to the next level and discover new challenging tasks. Enjoy!
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