Vampires Girl Dress Up

Vampires Girl Dress Up
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Halloween is just around the corner and this fabulous vampires wants to be prepared for her favorite day of the year! She needs a complete look, can you help her out? Choose a hairstyle, but take notice that she only likes straight hair. She will also have some blood stains on her, because she is quite dangerous. The necklaces in her wardrobe are all magical, so choose one with care. You can change the color of her hair, her eyes color and eye shadow. Be intense as she is supposed to be. Even though vampires are undead creatures and do not have blood running through their veins, a pale face color does not look good on anyone, so add a little blush. Put some lipstick on and you can move on to dressing her up. Choose a dress you think a vampires should wear and add some fancy shoes to go with it. Have a blast!
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