Vampire Wedding

Vampire Wedding
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You finally found the love of your life, only to discover that he is a vampire! You decide to also take this path and made him transform you into one also, so you can be together for all eternity! But what will you wear at you wedding? Choose a fitting hairstyle first and remember, now you are a vampire, you can be a little bolder with your choices! You can either go for a classic blonde or brunette, but you can shock everyone with stunning colors like purple or blue. You may choose a dress, or create your own style with a two piece option. Will you choose a classic white, or you think color is more suitable for a vampire? You can decide also if you want the glamorous princess dress or you want maybe to showoff your beautiful legs. The choices of shoes are equally exciting, as you get a lot of styles and colors, from high heels to boots. But the most fun are the accessories, as there are a lot of options. Pick your bouquet, your veil, your earrings, your necklace and a headpiece. Embrace your new status of a vampire and also a bride and try to come up with the best combination possible! Enjoy!
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