Trendy Guy

Trendy Guy
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Whether it's about a jogging session, getting ready to hit the school's halls to make his fashion statement or going to a fancy restaurant on a romantic dinner with his girlfriend, this teen boy manages to look so flawlessly chic, head to toes, no matter the type of look he has to put together. Now, the trendy guy dress up game is definitely a major fashion challenge for a talented fashion stylist like you! Luckily, you're not dressing up any teen boy, but one with a super stylish, trendy wardrobe! Choose him the perfect jeans to sport at school, then dress up our trendy guy here with a chic shirt, get him maybe a rock- chic vest, too, then see what comfy sporty short pants would make him look his best when he'll be hitting his favorite coffee house with his best friends and test your fashion skills creating all the most chic male teen fashion looks! Have fun!
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