Toto's Cupcakes

Toto's Cupcakes
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He's not only the most popular and adorable puppy on the Internet but he's also a very talented pasry cook, too!! Join him in his virtual kitchen and steal some amazing cupcake decorating ideas while playing "Toto's Cupcakes" decoration game! First of all decide if you want to attend Toto's cupcake decoration class where your task is to make a cupcake just as lovely as Toto's or if you want to be creative and make your own original cupcake. Pick the free or the challenge mode, then get to work and beautify those yummy cupcakes there choosing the toppings, whipped cream and fruits. So have fun while you decorate the fantasy cupcakes to suite your own special preferences and make a special one just for Toto and you to enjoy together!
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