Tasty Ravioli

Tasty Ravioli
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The 'Tasty Ravioli' cooking game brings up the tastiest and easiest recipe each of you girls should try making in your very own kitchen for your weekly pasta night. So, put your apron on, join our master chef in her virtual kitchen and let's start discovering the instructions provided in order to discover how to make this super delicious meal. Being a pasta based recipe, we are going to start preparing the ravioli for which we are going to need a dough made of a mixture between white floor, salt, eggs and water. For the stuffing part you will have to mix some other ingredients such as spinach, cheese, nutmeg and salt and once it is ready you can add some mixture balls in the market places, cover the mixture with the second half of the dough, cut the ravioli and boil them till they are right! Have a great pasta night!
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