Spaghetti Surprise

Spaghetti Surprise
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Spaghetti with meat or spaghetti with seafood? No, no, no! Spaghetti with sausages or spaghetti with extra cheese? No, no, no! We have prepared a spaghetti surprise recipe for you today, and because it is a surprise recipe you are going to like it...Everyone loves surprises! So give it a try, get the "Spaghetti Surprise" food decoration game started and discover the secret ingredients that will turn a trivial plate of pastas into a delicious treat. Choose your favorite plate from the ones available at your disposal in this food decoration game, fill it up with pasta of your choice and after that start adding everything you want: meatballs, roasted chicken breast, seafood, sausages, cheese, eggs, sushi, veggies, mayonnaise or ketchup! Enjoy it!
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