Sol Ra & Luna

Sol Ra & Luna
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The Sun might be hot but Sol-Ra is one cool girl! She and her moon-eyed friend Luna like to get together from time to time to catch up on interstellar gossip and get into all sorts of light-hearted fun. Each of their meetings is a colorful fashion statement and as these days the two winged friends plan to get together they kinda need your help to choose their outfits! Get this fantasy dress up game started, rummage through their collection of see through dresses and pick out the ones you like best of all to dress up Sol Ra and her friend Luna with! Once the best dresses are chosen, find two pair of shoes to match their outfits with, then style up their hair as well, choosing two new hairstyles for these friends and find some glittering jewelries to glam up their outfits with! Enjoy!
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