Selena And Justin Kissing

Selena And Justin Kissing
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Aw, young love! The hottest celebrities of the moment, Justin Bieber and his gal Selena Gomez are attending a Red Carpet ceremony, but all the people gathered there and also the paparazzi are not interested in their elegant outfits...they only want to catch Justin when he gives her a quick smooch! In an instant Justin tuned red but he is ready to satisfy the demands of their fans right now and for that he needs a little help! He can kiss her right there in the middle of the right carpet with thousands of fans around them but the only problem is that he doesn't want to be caught on camera by one of those annoying tabloid photographers! So, do you think you can help Justin kiss Selena? Then get this super fun celebrity kissing game started, click on the couple and help them fill the kissing meter before time runs out, but make sure they only kiss when the paparazzi are busy photographing other celebrities!
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