Scene Princess Hello Kitty Makeover

Scene Princess Hello Kitty Makeover
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If you like Hello Kitty this fun makeover game will give you tons of ideas how to make to work perfectly a cool emo look with Hello Kitty inspired accessories. So, let's see what we have in this scene: first of all we have an emo princess, chic tops, crazy, asymmetric hairstyles, make up products and many accessories inspired by the manga cat that we all love, Hello Kitty. Now, we have to do out best and put them together in order to get an original look. First thing we will deal with is the hair. Our cute emo princess needs a new hairstyle, so check out the ones available in this game and select the one you like most of all. Then, go ahead with your work, check out the make up products you have in this game, carefully choose the perfect ones and give her a dramatic look. Great! Now check out her wardrobe and select a chic top to dress her up and then complete her original look with matching accessories. Have fun!
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