Ready For School

Ready For School
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Starting this year there is a new rule in your school: Friday is casual day when everyone can replace their uniforms with anything they want. That's great because now you can make a fashion statement on the school hallways every Friday. So what will you choose to wear at school on Fridays? Check out all of those fashionable school outfits available in Lisa's wardrobe and put together a chic outfit for a casual Friday at school. Keep in mind, you are going to be at school, so choose something comfy and modest, but cute. A lovely checkered mini-skirt paired up with a chic shirt and accessorized with a girly tie or a beautiful knee length striped dress are just some of your options. Once the man decision was taken, add a little bit of color to the chosen outfit with some precious looking bracelets, chains and earrings and don't forget to pick up a lovely, new hairstyle, too. Enjoy!
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