Puss In Boots Dress Up

Puss In Boots Dress Up
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Hah.. it's Puss In Boots and he's looking good. When he's not on the set of the move Shrek or rescuing some damsel in distress he comes back to his first passion...yeah...you guessed it: dressing up. I mean.. you must have figured it out by now.. Puss...IN BOOTS? :) Although his style is a bit more...rugged...he does turn some heads in the forest no doubt about it. No other animal looks this good and this is because Puss In Boots has some unfair advantage: years and years of practice in the art of...? Dressing Up girls... dressing up. See for yourselves and with this you can dress him up as he's on his relaxation time of the year so he'll be perfectly still while you try your designer skills on him. Just remember to have him look at his best.
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