Princess Lilly Make Up

Princess Lilly Make Up
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Princess Lilly will go to a ball in the castle's garden tonight and she needs a talented make up artist to deal with her make up. She hopes that the evening will be successful and perhaps she will meet her prince charming. Get the "Princess Lilly Make Up" game started, show off your styling skills and make the lovely princess look stunning. First, select a nice hairstyle for her and then dye her hair in a bright color.Go ahead with her make up and select a nice color for her eye shadow, add a thin layer of blush and a natural or a strong color on her lips. Once you have finished with her ??make up session help Lilly choose a manicure that fits perfect for a princess, check out her royal gowns, too and select the most beautiful of all to dress her up. Accessorize her outfit with some precious necklaces and don't forget to pick up a beautiful crown, too. Enjoy!
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