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Halloween Make Up... Halloween Make Up: Spider Queen If you ladies are also looking for the perfect, scary Halloween look to flaunt at that fancy party you are getting ready for, then you should definitely step by DressUpWho.com to check out the perfect make up looks we’ve prepared for your Spider Queen costume. Step in getting this amazing holiday makeup game started and first of all, decide which of the three spider makeup looks would best fit your style and once the main decision was taken, feel free to move on to the next page of the game to learn which are the professional cosmetics that you will need for this task and also how to make it. Start by applying the right foundation and then to fix it apply a thin layer o powder. For a long lasting eyes makeup look, make sure of firstly apply a nourishing base and only after that you can start selecting the right colors to design the scary look for your eyes. Use a black eyeliner to highlight the chosen colors and to also draw the spider’s web, then apply one or several coats of mascara, a matching blush and, to finish your Halloween special make up look, apply a dark lipstick, too. Move on to the next page of the game and help our cutie find a new hairstyle as well, pick her a cute Halloween Spider Queen costume and match your selection with the right, glittering jewelries, too! Have a great time playing the ‘Halloween Make Up: Spider Queen’ game on www.dressupwho.com! DIY Stylish Rain ... DIY Stylish Rain Boots With cold Fall showers come… the uber stylish rain boots, too! We selected two of the most popular ones and we invite you ladies to put your creativity to a major test and design the coolest pair of rain boots that you are going to wear for the rest of the season! Feel free to join us in getting the ‘DIY Stylish Rain Boots’ shoe decoration game started and first of all, decide which pair of boots would best fit your style: will you go for the adorable ankle boots or rather for the cute knee-tall ones? Once the main decision was taken, learn how to beautifully apply a colorful bow of your choice and then go to the next page of the game to continue the rain boots decoration session! Select your favorite shades and patterns to add a splash of color on these must have fall accessories and to finish your task in style, look for a glittering detail as well! Enjoy playing this free rain boot decoration game for girls and don’t forget to also share your creation in a comment below! Elsa’s New Staff Elsa’s New Staff Get ready to put all your creativity to a major test, ladies, in our brand-new Frozen decoration game! Today we are going to need your great skills to put together a brand-new staff for our adorable Queen Elsa - do you think you have what it takes to deal with that? Join her in getting this super fun decoration game started, check out the props we’ve prepared for you and pick out the items you fancy the most to create a new toy for this beloved Disney princess. Take all the time you need to decide on every little detail, and color, choose the right colors and glittering germs and once you’re done, move to the next page of the game to pick a new outfit for our cutie pie, as well! Hit the ‘Show’ button to see the final result of your work and don’t forget to also share out fun game with your friends! Have a blast! Ariana Grande Ins... Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyles Get ready for a super fun hairstyling session, ladies! Today we are going to teach you how to make two of Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyles, how cool is that, ladies? Join us in getting the ‘Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyles’ game started and follow the step-by-step instructions in order to learn how to make Ari’s well-known high pony tail or the popular ‘half up half down’ hairdo. First of all, complete the hair caring routine by washing your girl’s hair with the right shampoo, conditioner and nourishing mask for a complete and professional hair wash. Then, go to the next page of this celebrity inspired hair game and select the updo you want to learn how to make and take the time to deal with. Once you’re done, you can also accessorize the final look with cute ribbons and hairpins and change the girl’s hair color as you wish. As a bonus, we’ve prepared a third hairstyle as well, which one do you think it is? Ever After High O... Ever After High O'Hair Babies Princess Rapunzel’s daughters, Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair, are pretty popular at the famous Ever After High school but have you ladies ever wondered how these cuties looked like when they were babies? They were two adorable bundles of joy and by playing the ‘Ever After High O'Hair Babies’ game for girls you ladies are getting the unique chance to spend the day with the adorable baby Poppy or with the sweet baby Holly, change their diapers and dress them up as cute as possible, are you ready to try this out? First of all, decide who’s going to be the cutie pie you want to take care of today and then start dealing with the first task we’ve prepared for you in this baby caring game and that is a super fun diaper changing session. You will have to remove the dirty diaper and throw it in the trash, clean the area with a delicate wet towel and apply some bits of powder before placing the new diaper. Spoil your princess baby with delicate body creams and then, for a complete morning routine, you should also sprinkle some bits of a glittering body spray. Feel free to go to the next page of the game, run your fingers though an impressive collection of cute baby clothes and select a nice one to dress your cute baby up with! Take the time to find the right accessories for the chosen outfit and a brand-new hairstyle, too! Have a great time playing the 'Ever After High O'Hair Babies' game! Frozen Anna’s M... Frozen Anna’s Make Up Look Great news for all those fanatic Frozen fans out there! We’ve heard that a handsome prince from a nearby kingdom will be traveling to Arandelle to pick himself a gorgeous wife and we have big plans for Princess Anna. We want her to look simply gorgeous for him, so we’ve made a brand-new Frozen game for you to help her prepare for this big blind date. Step in getting the ‘Frozen Anna’s Make Up Look’ game started and first of all, help our beautiful princess prepare her complexion for the flawless make up. Apply a cleanser and a thin layer of a delicate scrub to remove the dead cells. Now add some bits of moisturizer and then, to complete the facial beauty part or her prep, use the twiners to shape her eyebrows a bit. Great job, ladies! Now let’s move to the next page of the game to see what gorgeous look DressUpWho.com has prepared for cute Frozen Anna. Follow the step-by-step instructions to apply the foundation and some bits of powder to fix it, take care of the dark circles under her eyes and then apply the colorful eyeshadow as nicely as possible. To finish Frozen Anna’s makeup look use the professional eyeliner highlight the chosen colors, apply a coat of mascara, some blush and a natural, peach color on her lips. Don’t forget to also dress her up for her Prince Charming and accessorize your selection with a brand new hairstyle and handmade jewelries! Have a great time playing this fun Frozen Make Up game! Sassy Curls Sassy Curls Gorgeous, natural curls have always been a problem for those girls with straight hair! They simply couldn’t find the right tools or the needed hair styling products that could help them flaunt the most beautiful, long-lasting curls! DressUpWho’s personal stylista took some time to try out different methods and now her top three favorites feature our brand-new hair game for girls called ‘Sassy Curls’! Are you excited to find out which were her favorite, ladies? Then join us in getting this fun hairstyling game started and first of all, help stylish Lina prepare for the styling part by washing it up with proper hair caring products. Make sure to also dry it well and once you’re done, move on to the next page of the game to discover three unique ways about how to get the cutest, natural curls! Use the classic hot curling tool if you want to obtain some gorgeous, celebrity-inspired big curls, straws for a frizzy look and the straightener if you’re looking for some elegant fancy curls. Follow the step-by-step instructions cute Lina has prepared for you in order to learn how to properly take care of your hair and how to also make the perfect curls. You can change Lina’s hair color as well and then, for a more girly-girl final look, make sure to pick the cutest hair accessories, too. Have a great time playing the ‘Sassy Curls’ hair game for girls! Catty Noir Hairst... Catty Noir Hairstyles Catty Noir is a super talented werecat girl and a stylish student at the famous Monster High School. She struggled from an early age for a place in the music industry and now, at her 16 year-old, Catty is a world-famous pop star and teen idol, who has many fans at Monster High! Entertaining others is one of Catty’s favorite activities in life, but even if she enjoins doing that she’s a bit upset because she doesn’t have too much time left to take care of herself, so can you help her out, ladies? Step in getting this brand new Monster High game started and first of all help our stunning little diva here deal with her hair. Give it a professional wash and care and then cut Catty’s blunt tips in order to obtain a better look for it. Pick up your favorite styling tool to arrange Catty’s brand-new hairstyle and then feel free to go to the next page of the game to deal with her makeup look, too. Choose the loveliest pastel colors for her eyeshadow and a bold lipstick color to create a flawless makeup look for our super talented singer here. Then go to the next page of the game and select a fancy outfit to dress her up with and the right accessories for a complete celebrity look! Enjoy playing the Monster High ‘Catty Noir Hairstyles’ game! Teen Alice Back T... Teen Alice Back To School Before Alice’s adventures in Wonderland were ever written, Alice lived with her Aunt for a couple of years so she could attend the classes at the famous Fairy Tale High, a school for kids with special creative talents. Alice’s passion was painting so she was super lucky to be able to go there, attend some special classes to be better at painting and to learn how to design scenery and sets for shows. Today is her very first day back to school and cute teen Alice dreams to look simply fabulous so that she can easily impress everyone with her brand-new, jaw-dropping look! Can you ladies give her a precious helping hand and put together Alice’s back to school outfit? Get the ‘Teen Alice Back To School’ dress up game, run you fingers through teen Alice’s impressive collection of elegant dresses, checkered and ruffled shirts, layered mini-skirts and high-waisted pants, mix and match them as you wish and put together a cute school outfit to dress our talented painter girl here up with! Style up her gorgeous long hair as well, choose her a pair of shoes to match the chosen outfit with and then, for a complete back to school look, accessories it with the right hairpins, eyeglasses, jewelries or school supplies! Have a fabulous time playing the Fairy Take High ‘Teen Alice Back To School’ dress up game! Elsa’s Ice Buck... Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge Oh yes! Frozen Elsa has been waiting for this later for hours! Princess Anna just nominated her for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and since there are some ice cubes involved in this challenge she gladly accepted it and right now she’s designing the gazebo where she will deal with this troublesome challenge - can you ladies help her out? Step in getting this brand new Frozen game started and first of all, help Queen Elsa draw and then design the background in which she will take the challenge. Great job, ladies! Now go to the next page of the game and help cute Olaf fill a bucket with cold water and don’t forget to also add some ice cubes as well in order to have together all the ingredients required by the Ice Bucket Challenge. Invite Queen Elsa take her place under the bucket and when you feel she’s ready to take the challenge pull the rope. Next, help Elsa choose a new outfit for the day and don’t forget to also accessorize it with the right pair of shoes and glittering earrings. Enjoy playing ‘Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge’ game! Frozen Elsa Fire ... Frozen Elsa Fire Makeover Frozen Elsa has decided it is the right for a total makeover. Everyone used to call her the cold as ice queen, but she is determinate to try whatever it takes to change that. Could you help her out and give Elsa a Fire Makeover while playing this super fun Frozen Makeover game on DressUpWho.com? Step in and first of all take care of her gorgeous hair. A passionate Fire Queen will need a bright red color in her hair and in order to obtain that you will have to carefully use a burner and then a match to intensify the color. Now why don’t you try to chance the color of her eyes, too? Have Queen Elsa enjoy two hot peppers to obtain the right red color for her sparkling eyes and then feel free to ask the little winged dragon to help you change the look of her clothes as well! Now as a Fire Queen, she needs to hold some fire balls in her hands instead of the cold snowflakes, so don’t forget to also deal with this little detail before heading to the next page of the game. Great job, ladies! Go ahead with Elsa’s transformation and create a flawless makeup look for her eyes and lips, then choose a new hairstyle, an elegant outfit to dress her up with, the right pair of shoes and glittering jewelries for a complete, head-to-toe transformation! Have a great time playing the ‘Frozen Elsa Fire Makeover’ game for girls! Baby Madison Cat ... Baby Madison Cat Care Cute Baby Madison was having a great time playing in the garden this morning when a cute cat landed right next to her. She has always wanted a pet and since Mittens is nothing else but a fluffy ball of fur, Baby Madison decided to take him home. Now she needs to go shopping and buy everything needed for her pet and here is where our sweet baby girl would appreciate your precious helping hand, ladies. Join her in this amazing pet caring game and, first of all, help Baby Madison find and buy the things for her kitty: look for a comfy armchair and two soft pillows, find the right bowl, don’t forget to buy some cat food, milk and water, too. Before feeding the new pet, Baby Madison would need your helping hand ladies to give him a bath and groom and don’t forget to also cut Kitten’s claws and take care of his teeth, as well. Choose the best foods to feed the little one and then help Baby Madison prepare the room for their very first afternoon together. Have a great time playing this fun Cat Caring game for girls! Fabulous Back 2 S... Fabulous Back 2 School Hairstyles The new school year is starting again and cute Lina can’t wait to go meet her colleagues… they surely have so much to talk about after this long summer vacation! She spent the last week preparing her back to school outfit and now that she’s managed to pick her pleated skirt, white shirt, red sweater and a tie to match she needs you helping hand to give her outfit the final touch. Cute Lina needs to find decide which fabulous back 2 school hairstyle best suits the chosen outfit and here only a hairstylist with experience can decide. Step in getting this brand-new hairstyling game started and first of all prepare Lina’s hair for the fun styling part. Wash it with a delicate cleanser, use a nourishing conditioner and a hair mask too… this way you will obtain the right, glowing look for her hair. Great job, ladies! Now check the three different hairstyles she picked for this special occasion, have her try all of them by following the step-by-step instructions and then feel free to pick the one you find more appropriate. Enjoy playing this fun hairstyling hame for girls! Elsa Frozen Brain... Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery Have you ladies ever wondered what's inside Frozen Elsa's brain? Well, DressUpWho.com brings you the unique opportunity to find out! Our brand-new surgery game will take you into an amazing journey in which you are going to explore each of the little things happening in Elsa’s brain.Put your scrubs on and start your neurologist role with a thorough medical exam in order to gather as many details as possible about Elsa’s health condition. Check out her temperature and her heart as well and once you’re sure she needs a brain surgery, start shaving her gorgeous blonde hair and prepare her for the long surgery hours. Then feel free to dig into her brain and make sure you use the right doctor tools to cut out her little obsessions, to repair whatever you find broken and to reactivate the dead synapses snowflakes. Once you’re done, make sure to place everything back together so that she can recover in time for her big Coronation Day. Have a great time playing the ‘Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery’ game! Pou Girl Dentist Pou Girl Dentist Your dentist adventures continue here on DressUpWho.com with a brand new challenge., are you ready for it? Today you ladies are getting the chance to work your dentist skills on a sweet Pou Girl, the patient who’s struggling with a terrible toothache. The main cause is the lack of proper tooth care and, of course, those incredible sweet desserts she usually eats after every meal. Do you think you could cure her dental issues? Just step in getting the ‘Pot Girl Dentist’ game started and follow some simple steps and you can bring Pou Girl her beautiful, sparkling-white smile again. Start by hydrating her mouth with water and then use a suction pump to remove it so you can be able to continue your dentist work. Use a drill to take care of the bigger cavities, use a toothbrush to make her yellow teeth white again and then pull out the black teeth and replace them with new healthier ones. Have a great time! Hello Kitty Ear D... Hello Kitty Ear Doctor Good morning, Doc! Are you ready to test your great skills on the most adorable patient you’ve ever had? Cute Hello Kitty is waiting for you to welcome her in and you’d better hurry up ladies ‘cause the pain her ear is simply killing her! Apply the re-tractor for a better look and one you have everything prepared, start picking the right tools to fix each one of the huge problems causing the incredible pain in her ear. First of all, take care of the small injuries she has on her ear, then use a medical pair of tweezers to extract the pieces of mud in her ear and a pair of scissors to cut those big hair chunks. Great job, ladies! On the next page of the game, you will get the chance to take a closer look into Hello Kitty’s ear and deal with bacteria causing the pain and with a couple of injuries that need special attention. Good luck and have a great time playing the ‘Hello Kitty Ear Doctor’ game!! Frozen Elsa Feath... Frozen Elsa Feather Chain Braids Cute Elsa is back with a brand new hairstyling challenge for you, ladies! She’s getting ready to try out the stylish feather braids to see if they fit her style, so why don’t you step in getting the ‘Frozen Elsa Feather Braids’ game started and start working your your amazing skills on one of the most popular characters from Disney’s Frozen. First of all, wash Elsa’s gorgeous long hair, apply a nourishing hair mask as well and then dry it well in order to prepare if for the styling part. Follow the step-by-step instructions in order to make the gorgeous looking braids and once you’re done, pick out your favorite hairpin to accessories her final hairdo as nicely as possible. Great job, ladies! Now why don’t you try our the free haircut as well and surprise us with a highly original new look for our stylish cutie here? Enjoy it! Bead Smith Jen: F... Bead Smith Jen: Frozen What would you say about stepping into the shoes of a super talented jewellery designer who's about to start working her amazing skills and create the latest Frozen-themed necklaces collection for our virtual jewellery shop? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Well ladies, then feel free to step in getting the ‘Bead Smith Jen: Frozen’ jewellery decoration game started and first of all let’s go shopping for all those items our super fun decoration sessions requires: look for the glittery beads, necklace lockets, sparkling stones and Frozen inspired pendants, too and once you have everything prepared move to the next page of the game and let the fun begin! Now let your creativity run free and design the perfect Frozen necklace for your little special clients! Select the wire’s color you fancy the most and then start putting together the items you fancy the most to create your very first, unique Frozen necklace. Now that you have the accessory, why don’t you ladies go to the next page out the game and help our cutie pie here find a cute dress to match it up with? Have a blast! Jane Boolittle Ha... Jane Boolittle Haircuts Jane Boolittle is one jungle chic Monster High student who needs a brand-new haircuts to impress when the time will come for her to return back to school. It’s up to you ladies to decide on the wining look, so why don’t you just step in to meet Dr. Boolittle’s adorable adopted daughter while playing the newest game of the Monster High Haircuts series? A hair washing session is a must if you want to obtain the perfect glow and texture for Miss Jane’s multihued hair locks, so go ahead and wash it well with a delicate shampoo and plenty of warm water. Use the professional hair blower to dry up the hair and then feel free to cut the blunt tips until you obtain the desired length! Use your favorite heat styling tool to arrange her hair as nicely as possible and then check out the new hair colors we’ve prepared for you girls in the ‘Jane Boolittle Haircuts’ game and feel free to pick your favorite shades to dye Jane’s hair locks. On the next page of the game you can deal with her make up look and create a daring look for her eyes and the you can also be Jane’s personal fashion adviser and dress her up as you wish! Have a great time playing this brand new Monster High Hair Game here on DressUpWho.com! Baby Madison Tea ... Baby Madison Tea Party Baby Madison has invited her friends to an amazing tea party, but first she needs to set it up. Can you help her? First you have to take her shopping. First you have to go to the accessory shop where you need to buy shoes, headbands, necklaces and earrings. Then from the next shop you have to buy cutlery, refreshing drinks, ice cream, napkins, sweet treats, cups, dishes and a teacup. From the furniture shop she needs four chairs and finally from the clothes store she needs some cute dresses. Then you have to set up the table for her and the guests and help her find the perfect outfit. When the guests arrive sit them at the table and serve them with treats and tea. Finally, when the party is over you have to help Baby Madison clean up and wash the dishes. Good luck! Elsa Skating Inju... Elsa Skating Injuries Cute princess Elsa had a great idea this morning! She used her magical powers to make her personal ice rink and once everything was ready she started enjoying it in a big style. With her purple ice skates on and dressed up really, really nice Princess Elsa started skating around! It was something fun Elsa tried for the first time on her life, but because she wasn’t careful enough she lost balance and injured her foot. Now she needs you as her trustworthy doctor to cure her - can you help her out, ladies? Step in getting the ‘Elsa Skating Injuries’ game started and first of all, help cute Olaf remove Elsa’s skates. Check out the injuries and then take a pair of sterilized tweezers to remove the little ice pieces that got into her wound. Apply an ice cub over her swelling and then use a cotton ball with some antiseptic solution to clean up her blood and to also disinfect her wound and then bandage it so it can heal. Great job, Doc! Now why don’t you ladies go to the next page of the game and find a cute new dress and a matching pair of skates for cute Elsa so she can go skating again? Enjoy playing the ‘Elsa Skating Injuries’ game on DressUpWho.com! DIY Galaxy Shoes DIY Galaxy Shoes Galaxy shoes are probably the coolest must have items of this sunny season, but what if the ones you use on a daily basis are just a trivial pair of black snickers? Well ladies, I suppose you should learn how to give them a splash of color and some glittering bits while playing DressUpWho’s latest shoe decoration game called ‘DIY Galaxy Shoes’! It’s easy and you are going to have so much fun, that’s for sure! So, the first thing is to make sure that you have the right black shoes prepared for this crazy shoe decoration session and then you have to make sure you have all the tools prepared for the fun part. Check to see if the right brushes are there, check the palette of colors as well and then start using your favorite shades in order to add a splash of color to these trivial pair of snickers. Once you’re done with the coloring part, you ladies can also choose from a wide variety of tools the ones you fancy the most to design some stars or sparkling dots on your brand-new pair of galaxy shoes! Great job, ladies! Now that you have the main accessory of your jaw-dropping look, why don’t you ladies go to the next page of the game and choose the best outfit to pair them up with? Have a great time playing the ‘DIY Galaxy Shoes’ a fun shoe decoration and dress up game! Frozen Anna Water... Frozen Anna Waterfall Braids Are you ladies looking for a brand-new game of the fun Frozen Hair Games series? Well, you should look no further as here comes DressUpWho with its latest ‘Frozen Anna Waterfall Braids’ game for you to play! In this Disney hair game for girls you ladies are getting the chance to style up Princess Anna’s long hair locks into an elegant and gorgeous at the same time braided hairstyle. Are you ready to start discovering how to do it? Begin your job a Miss Anna’s personal hairdresser with a fun hair washing session, a routine which is mandatory and which will help you better style up her silky hair. Apply the right type of shampoo and conditioner, then make sure you also use a nourishing hair mask as well and to complete the caring routine dry her hair with that professional hairdryer that you have at your disposal in this brand-new Frozen hair game. Then, on the next page of the game, you ladies are getting the chance to learn how to make a lovely waterfall braid of your own by following a few std-by-step instructions or you can choose to let your imagination run wild and come up with a highly original hairdo for our lovely girl here. No matter which will be your option, at the end of the hairstyling process you will be given an impressive palette of colours and the opportunity to select your favourites and to dye Princess Anna’s final updo as colourful as possible. If you wish, you can also select some really cute hair accessories as well in order to add a girly-girl touch to the final look. Have a great time playing the ‘Frozen Anna Waterfall Braids’ game and don’t forget to also share it with your friends, ladies! Bead Smith Jen: T... Bead Smith Jen: Tribal Get ready for a fun jewellery creation marathon, ladies! Today in DressUpWho’s brand-new exclusive game you’re getting the amazing chance to step into the shoes of a super famous jewellery designer and create some unique Bead Smith Jen bracelets to match the theme chosen for the next collection: tribal! How cool is that, huh? We’ve prepared a wide variety of items for you so you just have to check them out and pick up the ones you need for the design you already have in mind. Now let’s get it started and first of all, let’s find the list of needed items. Search through the store for the right colorful beads, find the tribal themed accessories as well and don’t forget to also pick some bracelet locks and pair of scissors that you will need during the creation process. Well done, ladies! Now that you have everything prepared let your imagination run free and design the perfect tribal bracelet for your little special clients! Select the wire’s color you fancy the most, apply the lock and then start selecting your favorite precious germs, beads, glittering letters or special tribal items to put together your very first, highly-original bracelet! Now that you have the accessory, why don’t you ladies go to the next page out the game and help our cutie pie here find a cute dress to match it up with? Enjoy it!