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Oatmeal Facial Ma... Oatmeal Facial Makeover This girl is going on an incredible vacation but she wants to look absolutely flawless while she is there. So she needs a homemade beauty facial treatment session to make sure her skin is perfect. She has heard of the special properties of oatmeal in the daily beauty routine, so she has come to you to test it. Start by applying a cleanser that will remove all the impurities, pop all her pimples out, then create a scrub with oatmeal and fruit juice that will get rid of all the dead cells and will give the skin a natural glow. In a blender you can also create a mixture of oatmeal, milk, honey and water. Apply it on the skin as a mask that will hydrate and nourish the pores and if you also add some citrus will also rejuvenate it. Finally use a pair of tweezers to define the eyebrows. Help her choose a fabulous hairstyle and apply a great make up using mascara, contact lenses, eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Dress her up in a cute dress which you can accessorize with precious jewelry. Now she will be the prettiest girl on her wonderful journey. Have an amazing time playing Oatmeal Facial Makeover! Fresh Mint Makeover Fresh Mint Makeover This girl has been partying all night long and now she needs a beauty facial treatment to refresh her so she can face the new day ahead. She has heard of the miraculous properties of fresh mint, and she has heard that your beauty salon is offering treatments based on it. So help her get a makeover that will make her feel rejuvenated! Apply a delicate cleanser that will clean off her pores from any impurities, use a steamer in which you can put some fresh mint leaves that will open up her pores, make the dark circles under her eyes go away with a refreshing eye lotion, pop out her pimples, apply a nourishing cream that will hydrate her skin, apply a face mask with lime that will give her skin a natural glow and use a pair of tweezers to define her eyebrows. Complete her makeover by applying a colorful make up that will emphasize all her best features. You can use an eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, contact lenses and lipstick. Dress her up in a very elegant outfit in blue or green shades and accessorize her look with some precious jewelry. Have an incredible time playing Fresh Mint Makeover! Valentine's Day Spa Valentine's Day Spa It is Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year and our girl has received an amazing present from her boyfriend, a wonderful day at the spa that offers a special Valentine's Day treatment and that will relax and prepare her for a great dinner at the end of the day, in a fancy restaurant. Now help her get an incredible spa treatment. Start with a steamer that will open up the pores on her entire body and then don't forget to wipe her off with a soft towel. Her skin needs to be very clean for the treatments to work, so start washing her with a liquid soap. Choose an aromatic oil, either lavender, vanilla or roses, to rub her body with and then massage her back. For complete relaxation, you have some pink hearts with the same properties as volcanic stones to put on her back. Finally, use chromotherapy to rejuvenate the skin. Now you can help her get a great make up with contact lenses, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and blush, give her a fabulous new hairstyle and help her dress up in a gorgeous outfit that you can accessorize with precious earrings and a necklace. Enjoy! Valentine's Day H... Valentine's Day Hairdos Valentine's Day is just around the corner and our girl has a great date with a dreamy guy. Now her biggest concern is about the hairdo she is going to wear that day. She could wear a hair free on the shoulders and braid a heart in the back, she could braid all her hair on one side in a very chic and romantic look or she can create an elegant bun. Help her decide and create this sensational look. For the first look you have to separate the back hair in two equal parts, braid them separately, spin them a bit and tied them together in the bottom part until they create a perfect heart shape. For the second one you have to take the upper part of the hair and braid it in a side pony tail, then take the rest of the hair and braid it the same way and then tie them together with another lock of hair. For the third one, pull the hair in a pony tail, divide in three, create a bow from the lower two parts and tied them together with the upper one. You can make either one of her hairstyles look even more amazing with some romantic accessories. Try some beautiful roses, golden and pink jewelry, a red bow, a blue butterfly or a small diamond. Enjoy playing the 'Valentine's Day Hairdos' game! Watzit Grooming Watzit Grooming Watzit is Frankie Stein's pet Simulacrum and he is created by the best part of great pets. Frankie loves him so much, but since she started going to Monster High, Watzit feels a bit neglected. So to make things up to him she decided to have an entire grooming day for him, where he can get the best treatments and feel loved and cared for. Luckily, you have the best salon in town for unusual pets. Start by rinsing him, washing him with a special pet soap, removing the soap with a soft towel and then drying his fur with an electric blow dryer. Use a comb to put all his fur back to its place and then clip his nails. Now that Watzit is fresh and clean, dress up both him and Frankie. For Watzit you can choose a nice pair of wings, a colorful shirt with very fun prints and a nice collar around his neck, simple, with diamonds or with some bell attached. Frankie can get a new fabulous hairstyle, a gorgeous school outfit and you can accessorize her look with high heels, a necklace and a pair of earrings as her precious jewelries and a trendy handbag. Have a wonderful time playing Watzit Grooming! Sophia's Picnic H... Sophia's Picnic Haircuts Hello ladies! Our friend Sophia is now back on DressUpWho with a new challenge for you! She has prepared a super fun hairstyling task for all those little hairdressers willing to show off their unique skills. Don't you imagine is going to be all easy and fun... she needs a really cute new haircut for that fancy picnic she's getting ready for, so you will have to give out the best in you and surprise her with a cute casual hairstyle to match her colorful outfit she has prepared for this event! So are you ladies ready to start playing out with all those professional hair styling tools she bought for you? If so, get the 'Sophia Picnic Haircuts' game stared, take a pair of scissors and cut wherever you want and then dye her hair in the colors you want from the great variety of options you have at your disposal. Once you're done, you can create a lovely curly hairstyle for her or maybe a perfectly straight one, you can pull her hair up in a bun or leave it fall on her shoulders. Just make sure you create something casual but chic at the same time to fit the occasion she's getting ready for. Then you can continue with the make-up part of Sophia's preparation and create a really feminine make-up look for her eyes and lips. Look for a really nice outfit to dress her with that you get to accessorize with sparkling earrings and matching chains. Have a great time playing the 'Sophia Picnic Haircuts' game! Monster High Haun... Monster High Haunted House Clawdeen Wolf and three of her friends have decided to give up their life in campus and start living in a shared house for the last part of their high school years! They would like to experience this type of living too and Ghoulia Yelps came up with this crazy idea to live in a scary haunted house inspired by the unique type of life they had while living at the famous Monster High School... how cool is that, girls? Frankie Stein found one to fit their requirements right near an old graveyard and their main preoccupation right now is to properly decorate it and make it look as creepy as possible. What about helping these cute ghouls out, girls? Play the 'Monster High Haunted House' decoration game, step into the shoes of a super talented interior designer and help these best friends decorate their haunted house as spooky as possible. Check out all the items we've prepared at your disposal in our new decoration game and feel free to choose the right furniture pieces and decoration items for their bedrooms, living-room, terrace and front-yard. Then, once you're done, don't forget to invite your favorite Monster High characters in and make sure to remain a couple of seconds to watch their reaction! Have a great time playing the 'Monster High Haunted House' decoration game! Princess Makeover Princess Makeover She's one of the most beautiful royal blooded cuties living in the great fantasy world, the most sophisticated and the most elegant you've ever seen. Well girls, our girl here is in a great need of your help today because she's going to attend Prince Charming's charity ball. She needs to look flawless tonight, so the first thing you need to deal with it is to make sure her complexion is perfect for the make up part! Apply all the cleansers, the scrubs and facial creams available at your disposal in this Princess Makeover game and once her complexion looks glowing and healthy you can start dealing with her make up look! Choose your favorite colors to create a bright make up look for her sparkling green eyes and then pick her a stunning princess gown to dress her up with! Have a great time, girls! Hello Kitty Gear Hello Kitty Gear Ohh, this game is the best... and the main reason for that is because it features one of the most adorable Sanrio characters in the entire world: Hello Kitty! Not to mention that it is also a great mix between a make up and dress up game in which everything is available in a wide variety of pastel colors as well as bold colors. Ladies, if this adorable pinkish pie is also one of your favorite characters as well, then you will surely have a great time playing this brand-new game that we've got here on DressUpWho just for you! Get the 'Hello Kitty Gear' make up and dress up game started and begin running your fingers through all the options we've prepared at your disposal and feel free to pick out the ones you fancy the most to put together your girly-girl Hello Kitty Gear! Start by creating a really bright make up look for your eyes and lips and once you're done, go to the next page of the game and find a lovely Hello Kitty printed outfit to wear today! Pick out a chic pink or bleu dress with a cute Hello Kitty print and pair it up with a pair of shoes in a color to match, select a lovely hairstyle as well and then the right accessories to complete your cute gear up with! You can create another combination and this time you can try to pair a lovely white or pink shirt with a pair of shorts or with a lovely pleated mini-skirt. Don't forget about the hairstyle, shoes and those cute Hello Kitty accessories that you are going to need for this new outfit. Have a great time playing the 'Hello Kitty Gear' online game for girls! Sophia In China M... Sophia In China Makeover Mademoiselle Sophia had such a wonderful time visiting Paris, the city of lights, but now it's time for her to continue her trip around the world with another great destination: China. She will spend about 4 months here because she needs to gather some information for a book she plans to write this year, but mostly... she's very interested to pick up some Chinese and she would also like to discover more things about their unique, traditional fashion. But before anything else, she would like to spend her very first day in China at the spa to relax and get her complexion refreshed after such a long trip. Well girls, here is where cute Sophia needs your great beauty services and here is where you are invited to get our brand-new makeover game started and help her prepare for her vacation in China. Begin Sophia's beautifying session by removing the last traces of makeup with a delicate cleanser and then make sure to apply the cucumber and roses face masks in order to obtain a glowing and healthy look for her complexion! Once you're done dealing with her facial treatment, you're getting the chance to show off your fashion adviser and make-up artist skills as well and for that you girls are invited to go to the next page of the 'Sophia In China Makeover' game and choose a colorful, traditional Chinese outfit to dress her up with. Accessorize your selection with a matching pair of shoes, glittering jewelries, a girly-girl new hairstyle and a bright make-up look, as well. Have a great time playing this new makeover game for girls here on DressUpWho! Banana And Almond... Banana And Almond Hair Mask The homemade hair mask series we've started a couple of weeks ago, continues today with a new fruit based recipe that I'm sure you girls will love! In this new online hair game for girls, you ladies will learn how to properly prepare a moisturizing banana and almonds mask for your hair, are you excited about it? Home beauty experts recommend this banana hair mask because of the incredible benefits this delicious fruit has when applied on it. It is a well-known fact that the banana softens your hair and protects its natural elasticity, but do you know why we also use almonds when preparing this mask? Well girls, we use almonds because of their special oil keeps the moisture locked in. Try it once and you will simply love the smooth and soft look that this easy to make mask will leave on your hair, not to mention that your hair will also be protected from the drying effects of dry, cool weather. Now that you know a couple of the most important benefits of a banana and hair mask, how about learning how to make this wonderful treatment for hair from the scratch? Get our new hair game started and, first of all, wash your gorgeous long hair with your favorite shampoo in order to prepare it for this special moisturizing treatment! Rinse the foam and dry it well by using the professional hairdryer you have at your disposal in this game. Once you're done, you girls can go to the next page of the game and start preparing the banana and almond hair mask. Cut two medium bananas and put the slices into a large bowl. Add some almonds, too and mix these two ingredients until you obtain a creamy mixture and then feel free to massage into clean hair. Let it sit a bit before rinsing with water. Great job, girls! Your silky hair is now prepared for a brand-new look, so feel free to pick up the scissors and cut it until you obtain the desired length. Use your favorite hair styling tool to arrange it as nicely as possible and then find a lovely hair accessory to complete your girly-girl new look with! Look through your wardrobe for a new outfit and pick out the one you fancy the most to wear today. Have a great time playing our new hair game called: Banana And Almond Hair Mask! Draculaura Bad Te... Draculaura Bad Teeth Miss Draculaura is in a big problem, girls! She ate a lot of sweets lately, she was super lazy when she had to deal with her teeth care routine and now she has big tooth problems, not to mention that some of her sparkling white fangs turned out really black! She must be seen by specialist, but the thought of going to the dentist scares her to death, so what about helping this adorable Monster High ghoul solve her tooth problems by being her dentist for the day? The first thing you need to deal with as her personal dentist is to brush her teeth with a special toothpaste to remove any remaining debris between her teeth. Use a drill to get rid of those deep cavities that cause her toothaches and then make sure to remove the black crooked teeth that can't be saved. Replace them with pretty fake teeth and then apply a thin layer of a special gel to complete Draculaura's teeth whitening session up with! Once you're done, you also get the chance to apply some creepy tattoos on her sparkly white teeth. And that's not all, girls! On the next page of the 'Draculaura Bad Teeth' game you girls are given the chance to run your fingers through Draculaura's girly-girl wardrobe and look for the best outfit to dress her up with! Have a great time, girls! Cinderella Haircuts Cinderella Haircuts Cinderella is going to the ball tonight, but she still needs an amazing look. You can be her fairy godmother for today and help her with your magic. The hair is the most important so create her new hairstyle yourself. Take a pair of scissors and cut wherever you want and then dye her hair in the colors you want from the great options you have. You can also change the texture of the hair with curlers or a hair straightener and pull it up in a bun or leave it on her shoulders. Just make sure you choose something very elegant. When you are done with her hair you should move on to makeup. Define her eyebrows and use plenty of mascara. You can even choose contact lenses and a pastel eye shadow. Complete her makeup with a very feminine lipstick and blush. Then dress her up by selecting the perfect dress for the ball tonight. It could be a delicate green dress with a ribbon wrapped around her waist, a strapless white dress with roses and her waist, a purple gown with pearls, a glamorous yellow one with a fur cape or an empire waist gown with pink roses. Accessorize her look with precious jewelry. Have fun! Sophia In Paris M... Sophia In Paris Makeover Sophia loves to travel all over the world and the first trip she took this year was to Paris, France. She's here to relax, visit all those great museums, cathedrals and other attractions this gorgeous city has prepared for its tourists, but mostly... she would like to discover Paris' unique fashion style and to take it back home with her! Before anything else, she would like to properly prepare for her very first day in the city of lights and as any fashionista, she'd like to start the day with a refreshing makeover session. Lots of delicate Parisian scrubs, nourishing face masks and caviar creams are waiting for little Sophia in the bathroom, so she just needs to step in and let your two skillful hands pamper her from head to toe. For the beauty treatment you will have to use a thin layer of cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and then make sure to apply the cucumber and roses face masks for a healthier skin look. Once you're done dealing with her facial treatment, you're getting the chance to show off your fashion adviser and make-up artist skills as well and for that you girls are invited to go to the next page of the 'Sophia In Paris Makeover' game and choose a really chic outfit to dress her up with. Pair your selection with high heels, select a lovely accessory to match, style up Shopia's gorgeous hair as well and don't forget to also create a bright make-up look for her eyes and lips. Have a great time playing our brand-new makeover game for girls! iPhone Makeover iPhone Makeover You always wanted an iPhone, because let's face it, it's the trendiest and most fashionable phone out there. But your parents have refused to buy one for you for such a long time, until you mother decided to give to you her own. It just needs a bit of makeover to make it fresh and new. First you should wipe all the print marks off it with a soft towel. Turn the power off if you want to be more efficient. Use a special solution to make it shine and use a needle to clean up the touch button on the bottom. Now that it looks like new, you can make it more fancy and girly with a bunch of accessories. You can pick out a new fun cover for it shaped like a bunny, a cat, a monkey or other adorable animals. You can personalize it by changing its color and you could even choose some cool prints, like zebra, leopard, polka dots or plaid. The touch button can come in its own cute look. Find an awesome sticker featuring cherries, a heart, a chicken, a rose or a cat. You can also get some sweet applications and place them wherever you want on your iPhone. And a customization is not complete until you pick out a great look for your phone's screen. Enjoy! Equestria Girls F... Equestria Girls Fluttershy Makeover Fluttershy is one of the cutest, but most shy Equestria girls. She wants to be a little bolder and make new friends, but she needs a little boost of confidence. Maybe you could help her out with a beauty facial treatment and a fabulous makeover. Start with a cleansing lotion that will remove all the impurities from her skin, then pop out her pimples, apply a delicate scrub that will make her skin smooth and give it a natural healthy glow, then use a steamer that will open up her pores and get them ready for a nourishing facial mask that will hydrate her skin and this one actually contains a bit of magic and a pair of kiwi slices on her eyes which will refresh them and get rid of the dark circles under them. Finally, use a pair of tweezers to define the eyebrows. Then you can move on to make up and glam her up. You can use contact lenses, mascara and eye shadow to bring focus to the eyes and complete with lipstick and blush. Then you can style her wonderful pink hair and dress her up in a cute girly dress that you can accessorize with a precious necklace. Enjoy playing Equestria Girls Fluttershy Makeover! Thrift Shop Thrift Shop Given the huge success our first Prom Shop had among little fashionistas all over the world, we've decided to open a brand-new online store and this time we need your help girls to run our new Thrift Shop and make it worldwide known - can you help us out? In this fun time management game you girls will be playing the role of a very skillful top-seller, the person in charge to help some young fashionistas find and buy the clothing pieces and the accessory items they are looking for! As a top-seller your main preoccupation will be to keep your customers happy and deliver them the desired items in the shortest time possible, of course. Now get the 'Thrift Shop' management game started, keep your eyes on the door and when you see a client entering your store, take the order to see what she's looking for and then feel free to check your store for the right items. If your client is satisfied, she will surely buy everything and that means good news for our business. Oh, and don't forget to collect the money... you will need them to buy chic decorations in the store. Good luck and have fun, girls! Super Model Nail ... Super Model Nail Makeover Having a well-done manicure is a must as the nails are a lady's most precious business card they say. But sometimes spending a few hours on a chair, in a fancy nail salon might be overwhelming and that's why we have decided to teach your girls how to make a supermodel manicure on your own and in the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that your home can offer. Playing this brand new makeover game you will find out which are the tools and the cosmetics required by this type of professional manicure and then we will provide you some precious tips on how to create special designs on your brand new manicure. So girls, are you ready to discover them out? If so get the 'Super Model Nail Makeover' game started and first of all, learn how to pay a special attention to your hands, then take care of your nails and establish a really nice shape for them and then feel free to pick out your favorite colors and patterns and create your very unique design for your nails! Then pick out a pair of trendy gloves and some glittering jewelries for a complete beautifying session! Have fun, girls! Paper Snowflake Paper Snowflake Cute Sally has decided to enjoy this short winter vacation in a different way... she will be attending some kirigami classes, hoping that by the end of the day she will know how to make some gorgeous paper snowflakes. Kirigami, girls, is the art of making cute decorations by using paper in combination with a cutting tool. It's pretty nice to sit on a chair a couple of hours and relax while folding paper trying to create your favorite decorations by cutting the chosen with scissors. The decorations made using this unique technique are always meant to impress and Sally's intention is to make some lovely paper snowflakes for her best friends. She needs to get ready as her first kirigami class as is about to begin in minutes from now, so would you girls like to step in getting the 'Paper Snowflake' dress up game started and help her try on a couple of the clothing pieces and accessory items she has prepared for this occasion? Check out the lovely dresses, go through all those cute tops and lovely layered miniskirts, doll-like shoes and glittering jewelries available at your disposal in Sally's wardrobe, mix and match them and select your favorite combination to dress her up with! Have fun and feel free to try some kirigami classes yourself when you have the time... they are pretty, pretty amazing! Christmas Tree Pi... Christmas Tree Picking Here is the last thing we need to check on our holiday to do list and that is to pick out a gorgeous Christmas tree =)! We've started this season's preparations long time ago with a fun and relaxing visit at that brand-new Christmas Spa in town and then we had so much fun helping both, Santa Claus and Rudolph, prepare for their most important night of the year, the night when they will deliver some special presents to all kids around the world! And now, the time has come to pick the lovely green tree that with a few glittering decorations will turn into the most gorgeous Christmas tree we've ever had. So girls, let's pay a short visit to the nearest tree farm around to pick your own tree, making sure to ask the farmer to customize its look for you in order to have the perfect tree. Find a really nice place for it in your living room and then start decorating it with your favorite Christmas decorations, choosing from a wide variety of sweet looking beads, lovely globes, lights available in many colors and shapes, candy, gingerbread and Santa Claus accessories the ones you fancy the most. You can even change your tree's color if you want to and then, in order to complete this special winter scenario, make sure to spread some beautifully decorated gifts under your gorgeous looking Christmas tree! Have a sparkling white Christmas Holiday! Santa Claus Beard... Santa Claus Beardy Makeover The best holiday ever, Christmas, is approaching fast and there is only one man that everyone is waiting for on this special day: Santa Claus! He has to deliver all the gifts in only one night, so it is a pretty big deal for him. But because he had to prepare all the presents and double check the list, he forgot to groom himself and now he looks a bit of a mess. Maybe you could help him restore his great jolly looks with a special Christmas makeover! Use a special shampoo, either candy cane, gingerbread or cinnamon roll flavored, to wash his big white beard. Then dry it with a blow dryer and finally choose the perfect combination of mustache and beard shape and cut them with a pair of scissors. Get the final touches ready with a brush. Now that Santa is ready, you should also get his favorite reindeer, Rudolph, dressed up. Don't forget about his colorful nose, his horns, a cute hat or accessory, a scarf and a saddle. You can choose the Santa combination, the mistletoe one or even a Christmas tree themed, with a globe around his neck. Now they can finally go and spread joy into the world, looking like they should. You have saved Christmas! Have an incredible time playing Santa Claus Beardy Makeover! Christmas Eve Spa Christmas Eve Spa There are still a few days left until the most wonderful and awaited holiday of the year but our beautiful teen girl here had a huge surprise this morning when she received an early Christmas gift from her Secret Santa. This special gift came in a very nice envelope and it was an invitation to a brand-new spa in town, the place where she will get to relax and enjoy a fun pampering session all day long. What about taking care of her special needs, ladies, and make sure she enjoys a great spa treatment that is sure to put her in the mood for the upcoming winter holidays? Take her to the sauna and then give her a refreshing massage by using a nourishing massage oil. Use a delicate body scrub, continue by applying some warm candy on her back to help her better relax and in order to make her skin look great and glowing of health apply a thin layer of body lotion. Now she's almost ready for the upcoming Christmas dinner, but first, you have to put together a really nice holiday look, as well. Use mascara, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, contact lenses and eye liner to create a lovely makeup look that emphasizes all her beautiful features and then don't forget to also style up her gorgeous hair! Next, run your fingers through her impressive wardrobe and feel free to select a colorful outfit and the right accessories for a complete, Christmassy look! Have an incredible time playing 'Christmas Eve Spa' makeover game! Snow Angel Snow Angel It started snowing big flakes and this morning our adorable girl here, Sarah, had a huge surprise when she rushed out of bad and took a glimpse out the window: a bright white mantle was sprawling all over her garden, street and trees!! It looked so incredible fluffy and the first thing that crossed her mind was to get dressed and go out to have a great and fun morning playing in the snow. This is the first snow of the year, so she wants to take advantage of it and enjoy it right while trying to make the perfect and by far the cutest snow angel we've ever seen! Let's help little Sarah get a fabulous look which is both fancy and comfy, so she will stay warm while enjoying her favorite winter hobby! First, choose her a pretty hairstyle and then start dressing her up with a lovely blouse that you get to pair up with a colorful pair of leggings of maybe with a cute miniskirt. For a complete winter look, choose a chic jacket as well and a pair of leather boots, ear puffs, a scarf and a pair of gloves! Have an incredible time playing this exciting game! Snowtubing Girl Snowtubing Girl It is finally winter, the season of fun and joy and our girl is very excited to finally have some amazing times on the slope! While others might enjoy skating or skiing, she has another winter hobby: snowtubing! So help her get a fabulous look that will definitely make her stand out. First she needs a pretty hairstyle, then you can dress her up with a white blouse with bunny prints and a coral vest which you can pair up with black leggings, denim shorts, white fluffy ear puffs and fur boots. You can also choose for her a girly all pink outfit with a blouse and baggy pants, paired up with a beige jacket with fur on the hoodie, black and pink gloves, a warm hat and shoes and some winter glasses to protect her view from the white snow. She would also love some green pants with a colorful striped hoodie, a light blue jacket over it to keep her warm, a very colorful hat and fingerless gloves. A brown scarf will also bring some more comfort. And of course, don't forget her snowtube that will allow her to have the best time of her life. Have an incredible time playing this exciting game!