Pony Princess Tea Party

Pony Princess Tea Party
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The pony princess had invited all her friends to a beautiful tea party in the garden. Help her make it great! Start with a training and learn how to make tea. First boil some water in the tea pot, then infuse some delicious herb tea in it. Wait a bit and then pour it in the tea cups. Now that you know, you can decorate the place to look spectacular. Choose an elegant table and comfortable chairs for the guests to sit on. A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table will set the tone for a pretty day. Add some other treats on the table that go well with tea. You can choose cake pieces, cupcakes, donuts, bananas, apples, grapes, forest fruits or watermelon. Make sure you choose a spot in the garden near trees, to have a cool shadow and flowers to have a good view. Enjoy playing Pony Princess Tea Party!
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