Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party
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This gorgeous fashionista has a major weakness for dots, that's for sure and since they are back in trends, it's the perfect time for her to throw a huge polka dot party! Those gorgeous looking dots are all over her stylish wardrobe: on her chic tops, on her hot looking shorts and loose skirts, on her elegant corset and tight body dresses, even on her designer handbags, so feel free to run your fingers through her lovely wardrobe, have her try some of her lovely-chic polka doted clothes and pick out the ones you think are the right ones for her polka dot party! That's not all! Don't look too surprised to discover, while playing the polka dot party dress up game, that almost all of her accessories have been covered with splashes of cute, lovely, colorful dots! Pick a candy-colored pair of flat shoes to assort the chosen outfit with, then find a chic, exquisite polka dotted handbag to match. Some colorful, lovely earrings and an over-sized necklace are sure to add tones of femininity to her sweet look, so make sure you find the ones that best complement her sweet, polka doted look. Enjoy playing the "Polka Dot Party" dress up game!
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