Peking Opera Make Up

Peking Opera Make Up
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Make-up up is a special art in Chinese operas, especially in Peking Opera, where it distinguishes different roles and reveals their dispositions and moral qualities via artistic exaggeration, truthful portrayals and symbolism. This cute girl here is preparing for her role and she needs you to help her paint her whole face in bright colors. But first you should know that the color you choose to apply on her face is significant as it represents her personality. Choose between red, black, green, yellow, white, gold or silver your favorite color for her eye shadow. Add a coat of black mascara, change her contact lenses, add a tiny layer of blush and some lipstick color. Choose carefully her make-up style because it indicates if the character is good or evil. After you've finished with her ??makeup go ahead with your job and choose from a variety of traditional dresses the most beautiful of all to dress her up. Make sure you choose a colorful headwear made of precious stones and complete her look with a stunning necklace. Enjoy!
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