Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty
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Don’t you adore cats? These adorable felines are not only cute, but they are highly intelligent. They are quite independent, but if you become their friend, they will really keep you company and will stay besides you forever. Jillian loves them too and she just received one as a present. Help her take care of the small ball of fur. Save her from the annoying wasps who want to sting her. Click on them to scare them away. When she gets hungry, look through Jillian’s messy kitchen to find her some sausages to eat. The little kitty loves playing with balls of wool, but now she has unreeled them all over Jillian’s room. Point the cursor on each ball to reel it up again. Paint a portrait of it and color it correctly by solving some math problems. Dress it up in cute clothes and finally see how well you did. Have a great time!
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