Miley's Surprise Gift

Miley's Surprise Gift
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Miley's boyfriend, Liam, just invited her to spend the evening at the cinema. Miley couldn't refuse him, so he had to accompany him having her make up incomplete, she is decided to finish her makeup right there at the cinema with the lights off and with a little bit of your help :). You will help her, isn't it? Then play the "Miley's Surprise Gift" makeover game, see which steps must be completed, then show off you make up artist skills and give her the prettiest make up in order to make her look gorgeous for her handsome boyfriend. Oh...but pay great attention you can deal with her make up when Liam is very busy watching the movie, if he catches her doing her makeup we'll attend a new lovers "fight" between them. So good luck with your task and have fun!
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