Mette Marit Make Up

Mette Marit Make Up
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Her royal highness, princess Mette Marit of Norway wants a new make up for her next public appearance, and because she heard you were a talented make up artist and stylist, she came to you. Start with a beautiful and elegant hairstyle and you can even dye her hair in any color you would like, You can keep her as a blonde, or you could change it up and make her a brunette. The move your focus on her eyes. You can give her some contact lenses if you want a different color. Apply mascara for long eyelashes and eye shadow to really highlight her look. Add color on her chicks with a subtle blush. What can really set a make up apart is the lipstick you use, so choose carefully. Dress her up in a gorgeous dress and complete her look with some glam earrings and a necklace. Have an amazing time!
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