Mermaid In A Fish Tank

Mermaid In A Fish Tank
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A mermaid is a incredible creature that you probably thought only existed in fantasy stories. You will probably be surprised to find out that they are truly real, they just hide from humans because they like to keep them as collectibles. Our mermaid was caught by such human and she is now being kept in a fish tank. But the collector knows that mermaids are actually quite fashionable creatures, they like to look pretty and accessorize. Therefore, you are able to customize the fish tank and you can give the mermaid the hairstyle you think would look best on her. You can put some accessories in her hair, like starfish, seashells, some jewelry or other sea inspired headpieces. Give her a necklace and a pair of earring to match, and a top as her only clothing piece. She can also change the color of her tail. Have a great time!
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