Mary's Kitchen: Italian Roll With Latte Macchiato

Mary's Kitchen: Italian Roll With Latte Macchiato
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Hey girls! Today in Mary's kitchen you are going to discover the secrets hidden behind a healthy and a delicious Italian lunch, so feel free to step in getting the "Mary's Kitchen: Italian Roll With Latte Macchiato" cooking game started. First of all, learn how to prepare those delicious Italian rolls by following step-by-step the cooking instructions provided in this game and then see how easily you can make a delicious latte macchiato in your own kitchen. Chop the needed ingredients, then go to the next page of the game and put the Italian roll together by filling the bread rolls up with fresh veggies and cheese, then boil the milk, add some natural coffee and some more milk and here you have it: your delicious Italian roll with latte macchiato lunch is ready and it's waiting to be devoured. Enjoy it!
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