Make Me A Fashion Diva

Make Me A Fashion Diva
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This girl does not want to be a boring nerd anymore, but she would really like to transform herself into a true fashion diva. But you are the only one who could help her! You can start with a beauty facial treatment that will really make her skin flawless and beautiful, like a diva should be. Use a cleanser, a scrub, pop out her zits, apply a refreshing face mask and some cucumbers for the eyes, a toner and a moisturizing cream. The give her a glamorous new hairstyle and a wonderful make up. Don’t hold back the glitter, she really meant the diva part of the challenge. Then you have to nail the fashion part by dressing her up. You will find some incredible dresses, fur coats, tops and bottoms which you can match with precious jewelry and high heeled sandals. Have fun!
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