I Love Cakes

I Love Cakes
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Megan loves spending her time in the kitchen trying new cake recipes...she's crazy about chocolate or fruity flavored cakes! After baking all day, she invites her friends over and let them taste her new cakes. What a chance! She has just found a new cake recipe and she's getting ready to step into her kitchen, but not before getting dress properly. You know Megan girls, she wants to look flawless even when she's in the kitchen, so how about you giving her a helping hand at putting together a fashionable kitchen look? Rummage through her collection of fashionable kitchen outfits, have Megan try some of them and select your favorites to dress her up with. Pair the chosen outfit with a comfy pair of shoes, glittering jewelries and a new hairstyle and don't forget to deal with her makeup look, too!
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