Highschool Vampire Dress Up Game

Highschool Vampire Dress Up Game
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Emma is an adorable vampire that lives in the suburbs with her family. She's actually quite normal for a vampire and she loves to shop and wear cute clothes. She's just been shopping for school clothes and needs a bit of help deciding what to wear. Can you help her pick out something trendy to wear today? Check out Emma's collection of ruffled shirts, lovely layered mini-skirts, candy-colored tights, candy pink, knee-high boots and sparkling accessories and the start mixing and matching them until you find the chicest clothing items and accessories combination to dress up this cute high school vampire with! Once you've decided on the final outfit find a new, multicolored hairstyle for her, choosing from the ones available at your disposal in the "Highschool Vampire" dress up game the one you like best. Enjoy!
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