Herring Salad

Herring Salad
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It's dinner time, so how about you surprising your family today with a delicious, homemade herring salad? Play the "Herring Salad" cooking game in order to learn how to make it and after that feel free to cook it in your own kitchen! So, let's see what we need for this fish and vegetables based salad. First we need lots of fresh vegetables such as: beet, carrots and potatoes that must be very well washed, peeled, boiled and grated. Great! We will also need a piece of herring...can you cut it into small pieces for me? Now all you have to do is to lay the salad in layers in a pan and to decorate it with mayonesse, fresh vegetables or fuits! Here you have it, the most delicious and healthy herring salad! Enjoy your dinner!
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