Feed The Sweet Ants

Feed The Sweet Ants
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Hmmm girls, do you think you have what it takes to be the sugar ant of these hungry ants? They are preparing their bodies for the upcoming spring season and they have to be very strong for the first picnic of the year from where they will get the chance to collect as many leftovers as they can carry. But for that they will need only healthy food very rich in protein and fiber and Gloria promised to cook something delicious for them all week - so how about helping her out, girls? Play the 'Feed The Sweet Ants' food serving game, put your waitress skills to a major test and see how fast you can select the asked items in order to put together the perfect meal for each sweet ant. Make sure to select the treats in the order shown on the plate and once you have everything on it, pick it up and serve it to the right ant client. Good luck with that and have fun girls!
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