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Smurfette Smurfette Smurfette Smurfette is getting ready with her date with the most handsome Smurf in Smurf Village. They are going to first ride the hot air balloon around the neighborhood and then go watch a romantic movie! Smurfette is so excited that she invited all her girlfriends to help her find a cute outfit. Now we all know how important first impressions are... so don't disappoint! With the help of your girlfriends, help Smurfette choose an amazing outfit that will help her shine! Also choose her accessories and hair color. =) Have fun on your date Smurfette!!! Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Dress up Hello Kitty as a power ranger, gangster, nerd, princess, and many many more! Have fun this with one, i know i did! PowerPuff Girls PowerPuff Girls PowerPuff Girls They need your help now! Help dress them up and get them ready to kick some butt! GO POWERPUFF GIRLS! Emo Baby Rosie Emo Baby Rosie Emo Baby Rosie Rosie the baby is going to the playground with her mommie after lunch. You want to dress Rosie up with some emo clothes. Select from a variety of emo clothes for your baby. She will be the coolest baby in the playground! Lets go!!! Cupcake Maker Cupcake Maker Cupcake Maker Make a cupcake without getting dirty or going shopping! Yummy! I bet you are all going to be craving for a cupcake after this game!
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Farm Guardian

Farm Guardian

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Life at the countryside must be fun but running your very own little or big farm must eat all the energy one can have! You have to work your garden and seed all the veggies you and your family like, then you have to make sure they will grow up all healthy and in a natural way, you have to make sure that the animals leaving around your little farm are very well fed and cared and you also have to find the best way to deal with those nasty beavers trying to ruin your work. So, how are you going to do that? Using all sorts of poisons won't be a very healthy decision for your plants but that hammer your father keeps in the garage for years will surely help you clean the garden in a very, very healthy way! Pay great attention to the time, you only have a limited amount of time each round and also a limited number of hits, so be sure you don’t miss. With the cash you earn you can buy farm animals, like pigs, cows, ducks and rabbits, that help increase your farm’s prosperity. Good luck! sperity. Good luck!