Escape The Mall Game

Escape The Mall Game
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Oh, no! The good friends, Lisa, Mina, Sisi and Toto are trapped inside the mall. They got caught-up in the shopping spree and forgot to leave before closing time. Now they need a super hero to help them escape from the stores they got locked in. Lisa (the fashion addicted) is locked in a clothes store, of course. Maybe she should use some clothes to her window escape and Mina can play some music to find a secret door. Who's left to complete this popular, cool best friends team? Oh yes, first is Sisi. You don't need to worry to much about her as she's witty enough to build something to help her catapult herself out of the mall. Next in line is Toto. He really relies on you to help him find a way to fly his way out of the store. Good luck and have fun!
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