Equestria Girls Fluttershy

Equestria Girls Fluttershy
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Fluttershy is the most kind of all the Equestria girls and she is really fond of taking care of small animals. But sometimes even the kindest people need a makeover, so help Fluttershy look her best. You can choose for her a new hairstyle and even though she enjoys her cut pink color you can pick out another one or you can make it more interesting with some colorful highlights. She would look very sweet in a dress with a lot of ruffles, in a simple dress with a trench coat over and a belt over both or a fun flower printed dress with suspenders. But you could also mix and match some bubble gum printed shirts, a chic vest over a white t-shirt or an adorable peplum blouse with pleaded skirts or pants with ruffles on the bottom. Enjoy this incredible game!
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