Emo Makeup

Emo Makeup
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This pretty girl is a nonconformist teenager and she likes to express herself through style emo. She knows everything one can know about emo fashion but she has some difficulties when it comes to do an emo make-up. Get ready for an emo make up session and help this young teenager get the coolest emo make up possible. Pay special attention to her eye make up: apply bright shadow, in shades of pink, turquoise, yellow, green or red, then add a coat of black or colored mascara, add a thin layer of blush and complete the emo make up session by choosing the crazyest color for her lipstick. Go ahead with your work and choose a specific emo hairstyle for this beautiful girl: long or short and necessarily straight and asymmetrical...these are some of your options so choose the most extravagant hairstyle you can fin in this game for her. You haven't finished yet! Check out her wardrobe, too, make her try some of those chic printed t-shirts and pull out the one you like best of all to dress her up. Don't fotget to complete her original look with matching accessories. Have fun!
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