Emo Ballerina

Emo Ballerina
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Kate has been a ballerina since she was a little girl. But over the years her style has changed and she wanted that to reflect in her dancing. She's put a touch of emo in her ballerina costumes and has started dancing to more funky music, but she never gave up on her graceful, ballerina moves! Would you like to help her decide which outfit to wear for her performance tonight at the high school talent show? Check out Kate's emo inspired, multi-hued ballerina dresses, have her try some of them and pick out your favorite one to dress her up. Then look for a matching pair of pointe shoes, style up her funky haircut in an asymmetrical line an finish off her emo ballerina look by choosing some jewelry in electric colors to add some bits of color to her look! Have fun!
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