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Clawdeen Wolf Foo... Clawdeen Wolf Foot Doctor The drop-dead gorgeous monsterista, Clawdeen Wolf, is in a great need of a super talented doctor! She was enjoying a really nice morning at the Monster High school when her left foot hit a rock! She woke up on the ground, facing a huge pain and with her foot covered in blood. The ghouls grabbed her and took her to the doctor… and here is where you ladies step in as Clawdeen’s doctor, the one in charge to clean up the injury. The first thing you need to deal with while playing the ‘Clawdeen Wolf Foot Doctor’ game is to properly wash her injured foot and prepare it for intervention. Use a delicate towel to wipe it well and then apply ice cubes on inflamed areas. Use a sterilized tweezers to extract the pins in her leg and move to her thumb which seems to need more attention. Clean the area, apply some bits of Auxin to make sure her nail won’t get infected and don’t forget to also fix the broken bone by winding a medical bandage. Apply stitches where they are needed! Great job, ladies! Now what about taking care of her pedicure as well? On the next page of our Monster High ‘Clawdeen Wolf Foot Doctor’ game you girls get the chance to choose from a wide selection of nail polish colors available in soft pastel or bold shades, cute patterns and highly-original nail stickers that will help you create an outstanding pedicure for this famous ghoul! For a complete foot beautifying session choose a glittering ring, too and a matching bangle as well! Enjoy it! Clumsy Gardener L... Clumsy Gardener Laundry Spring is surely Selena’s favorite time of the year because she gets to spend her time in her lovely garden taking care of her beloved flowers! She doesn’t know much about gardening, but she knows which songs are her flower’s favorite and she also knows how to take a good care of them. But Selena’s gardening sessions always end up really bad ‘cause all her clothes get very, very dirty! It happened today again and now cute Selena needs to stop her super fun outdoor activity and move to the laundry room and try to remove the dirt off her clothes. Can you girls help her out? Get this fun online laundry game for girls started, join Selena in her laundry room and first of all help her separate the colorful clothes from the white ones. Then put each pile of clothes in the washing machine and pour the right type of detergent to properly wash Selena’s clothes! Good job, ladies! Now let the clothes dry and meanwhile join Selena in her dressing room and help her find a new outfit for today. Choose a girly-girl dress or a chic two-pieces outfit for her to wear today, then select a new haircut and the right accessories for a complete casual look! Do her make-up as well and then don’t forget to check Selena’s clothes! They need to be ironed and nicely folded so that she can have her favorite gardening outfit prepared for the next, major gardening session! Have a great time playing the ‘Clumsy Gardener Laundry’ game! Viperine Gorgon H... Viperine Gorgon Haircuts Monster High Viperine Gorgon is a girlie gorgon girl from Barcelgroana, Spain, who was recently introduced to all those famous monster as Deuce Gorgon’s relative! She is a super talented makeup artist employed at Hauntlywood and as the personal makeup artist of Elissabat, star of the Vampire Majesty series. Her great skills and passion for beauty turned Viperine into the most wanted make-up artist around, but she easily finds time to work with both rich and famous celebrities and also with her drop-dead gorgeous colleagues attending the classes at the famous school for monsters! Besides this, Viperine Gorgon is beautiful, stylish and as any young ghoul of her age she loves to party, shop and spend her spare time at her favorite beauty salon in town, getting her a brand-new look as often as possible. For today she has scheduled a short visit to your famous hair salon ‘cause she badly wants a radical change for this summer season! Feel free to step in getting the ‘Viperine Gorgon Haircuts’ game started and first of all, wash her hair with the right type on cleanser to prepare it for the styling part. Use the professional hairdryer to obtain extra volume for it and once your done, use the scissors to cut her blunt tips. Style it up using your favorite professional tool and then check out the palette of colors we’ve prepared at your disposal in this brand-new Monster High Hair Game, select your favorite shades and dye Viperine’s hair-locks as colorful as possible. Deal with her make-up look as well, choose her a super cute outfit for today and don’t forget to also accessorize your selection with over-sized chains, bracelets and hair accessories. Enjoy playing the ‘Viperine Gorgon Haircuts’ game! Boyfriend Girl Ma... Boyfriend Girl Makeover There is a fun new trend on the internet right now and that is to give your boyfriend a girl makeover. He might disagree at first, but he will surely come around as this is just for laughs, not to mention that you will get to practice your make up skills. So give it a try! First you have to apply a cream on his beard and then shave it. Use a cleanser on his face to remove all the impurities from the skin, then a sunscreen protection lotion that will create a protecting shield against the sun's rays. Then you can choose a color for foundation and apply it with a professional sponge. Apply also a concealing cream that will get rid of any imperfections, including the bags under the eyes. Define his eyebrows carefully with a pair of tweezers. Now it is time for the make-up part! Apply mascara to make his lashes longer, contact lenses to change the color of his eyes, a colorful lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow and blush. Put a wig on him for a feminine hairstyle and dress him up in something cute and girly. But we know you also want to be part of the fun, so dress yourself up too and then take a photo together! Enjoy! Prom Braided Hair... Prom Braided Hairstyles Prom night is approaching really fast and Lina still needs to decide on some small details: she needs to find the best pair of earrings to match her stunning prom dress up with and then she has to find a trendy, romantic and elegant undo for her big night! She saw on that braided hairstyles are pretty popular these days, therefore she started looking around and she picked three classic braided hairstyles to match her prom look with, but she needs your helping hand to pick the winning one! Could you ladies help her out? The first thing you girls need to deal with while playing the ‘Prom Braided Hairstyles’ game is to properly prepare her gorgeous hair-locks for the styling part which requires a clean, flexible and glowing of health hair. So wash it with a delicate shampoo, then apply a nourishing conditioner and don’t forget to apply a hair mask as well. Use plenty of water to remove these hair caring products and then dry Lina’s hair by using the professional hairdryer that you have at your disposal in this online hair game for girls. Great job ladies, now let’s move on to the next page of the game and discover which are Lina’s selections for her perfect prom night. So what are you going to pick: a big braided bun, an upside down fresh braided bun or a super cute, celebrity-inspired diagonal bow braided undo? No matter which one will be your choice, you ladies are have to make sure the result will be nothing else but jaw-dropping! Comb her hair and start creating the chosen prom undo by following the instructions provided in our ‘Prom Braided Hairstyles’ game! Once you’re done, sprinkle some bits of hair spray to make sure Lina’s coiffure will last all night! Wonderful work ladies! Next you can change Lina’s hair color if you want to and then don’t forget to accessorize her prom braided undo with glittering hair-pins or with colorful hair bows! Have a great time playing the newest hairstyling game on DressUpWho, ladies! Draculaura Interv... Draculaura Interview Haircuts Draculaura is scheduled for an interview today for a cool TV Show and she needs to look absolutely fabulous for it. Because the theme of the show is about haircuts, she needs a new style for her black and pink hair that she always keeps in two ponytails. First she has to wash her hair with shampoo to make it fresh and clean, then she has to use a blow dryer. With a brush she will put it into place and then you can take a pair of scissors and use your imagination for a trendy new cut. How do you think she would look best? Take her hair lock by lock until you end up with your desired result. Then it is time to texturize her new cut using an iron straightener and two sizes of curlers. You could also change the color of her highlights to make it more of a difference. You can make her new hairstyle stand out with a lovely new dress and some hair accessories. You can use some scary hairbands, hats or hair-clips. A precious necklace will make her look complete. Enjoy playing Draculaura Interview Haircuts! Mother’s Day Ma... Mother’s Day Matching Outfits Mother’s Day is surely one of the most celebrated holiday of the year! On the second Sunday in May children and adults of all ages honor their mothers on this special day! Some prepare special cards for their moms, other buy expensive gifts… but this cutie pie and her father have both decided to surprise the most beloved woman in their life with a refreshing facial treatment and a fun shopping session at her favorite mall in town! At a very early hour in the morning a bunch of super talented beauticians and fashion advisers came to spoil this beautiful mother and help her prepare for such a wonderful, celebration day! You ladies are going to perform these major tasks, so get the ‘Mother’s Day Matching Outfits’ and first of all take care of her complexion making sure that at the end of the beauty treatment it will look healthy and glowing. Apply a delicate cleanser and a scrub as well, use the steamer to open the pores and then pop out the pimples and a nourishing face mask for a complete treatment. Then move to the next page of the game and select a super chic outfit to dress her up for her upcoming shopping session! Select a bow adorned dress or maybe a lady-like, knee length one to dress her up with, have her try a super chic top-and-bottom mix as well and then decide what outfit would make the best selection for this occasion! Style up her gorgeous hair too and then look for the best accessories to complete her chic casual outfit up with! Great job ladies! Now what about choosing a matching outfit for her adorable girl as well? Enjoy playing the ‘Mother’s Day Matching Outfits’ makeover and dress up game! Ghoulia Yelps Bad... Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth It was enough for Miss Draculaura to come to your famous dentist office for a major dental work and… over the night you talented ladies have become the most wanted dentist on the internet! All those famous Monster High ghouls are quietly waiting in line in front of your office to get their smile fixed, but only one of them will be lucky enough to sit on your dentist chair and that one is Miss Gholia Yelps! So girls, it’s time for you to put your dentist gown on, hit the play button of the ‘Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth’ game and start checking out Ghoulia’s detail problems. The first thing you need to deal with as her personal dentist is to brush her teeth with a special toothpaste to remove any remaining debris between her teeth. Use a drill to get rid of those deep cavities that cause her toothaches and then pull out the black teeth and replace them with new ones! Apply a thin layer of a special gel to complete Ghoulia’s teeth whitening session and then look for the best tattoos available in your kit and feel free to apply one or two. Next you are given the chance to be Ghoulia’s fashion adviser, too and help her pick out a girly-girl outfit to wear today! Have a great time playing out new ‘Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth’ game of the famous Monster High Dentist series =)! Witch Nose Doctor Witch Nose Doctor Hello there you super talented little doctors! A new patient is waiting for you to step in your virtual office, dress your colorful doctor gown and start taking care of her nose struggling an infection and lots of pain. This time your patient is a cute, cute witch who specifically asked you to add some magic to your nose fixing process and use some unusual things that she brought right from the great fantasy world! Ready to get started and discover a new magical side of the medicine? Then hit the play button of the ‘Witch Nose Doctor’ game, meet your patient and first of all, choose four magical items to create the sterilized water you will be needing at some point while playing this brand-new online doctor game for girls here on! Great! Now fix the re-tractor to make her nostrils bigger and feel free to spay some bits of that magical potion in order to prepare her nostrils for intervention! Next use a sterilized pair of scissors to cut the big hair chunks from her nose and a pair of medical tweezers to pull out the single ones. Then pick out a delicate cotton stick to clean each of her nostrils and then don’t forget to also take care of those three pimples she has on the top of her nose. Continue with your work and take a closer look inside her nose by using a magnifying glass to better see what’s going on at a microscopic level and make sure you get rid of any harming bacteria and viruses that caused all of her nose problems. Good luck and have a great time playing the newest doctor game on! Smelly Feet Makeo... Smelly Feet Makeover Cute Robin is dating her crush tomorrow and she’s pretty excited about it! She knows exactly what colourful outfit she will pick for this occasion and she also has in mind a brightly colored, natural makeup look that will fit very well her cute, girly-girl updo! The only small detail that she needs to take care of are her smelly feet and here is where your great skills and knowledge are needed in this brand new makeover game we have here on! Join her in getting the ‘Smelly Feet Makeover’ game started and help gorgeous Robin prepare for her romantic date from head to toes! First of all, select a really nice shape for her toes and then start cutting off her nail until you obtain the desired shape and length. Then put together a super fun spa session for her feet by using plenty of hot water mixed with lemon juice and baking powder, ingredients that can kill the bacteria and that eliminate the bad, ugly smelling odor! Great job, ladies! Next you get to apply a delicate cleanser as well and then you finally get to choose from a wide selection of colorful nail-polish colors and glittering accessories for her ankles your favorites to complete Robin’s feet beautifying session in style! Now what about giving her a helping hand with her make up as well? Play with all those bright colors available in her professional makeup kit and select your favorites to do Robin’s make up for her date, then select her a really nice hairstyle and don’t forget to also select a girly-girl outfit to dress her up for this occasion! Accessories are also important so make sure you check out the selection od earrings and chains we’ve prepared at your disposal in the ‘Smelly Feet Makeover’ game! Have a great time, ladies! Frozen Anna Dentist Frozen Anna Dentist Our third game of the Frozen series brings up beautiful princess Anna in a new stance and this time you ladies are getting the chance to fix her teeth as lately they turned out really ugly and super rotten! Being busy to find her sister and trying her best to save the kingdom of Arendelle were Anna’s main preoccupations in the latest months and she kinda neglected her teeth caring routine! Now she needs your amazing skills to take care of her smile, so get the ‘Frozen Anna Dentist’ game started and first of all use a special brush to remove any remaining debris between her teeth. Now you can move on with your work and try fixing the cavities and then feel free to remove the black teeth that can’t be saved and replace them with some new ones! Great job, ladies! Continue your task with a fun whitening session and once you’re done, make sure you accessories her sparkling white smile with a cute, glittering tooth tattoo as well! As a bonus you are invited to go to the next page of the game and choose a fabulous princess outfit to dress beautiful Anna up with! As for accessories… you won’t need them this time ‘cause thanks to your help she has a gorgeous smile that can complement any daily or fancy outfit! Enjoy playing the ‘Frozen Anna Dentist’ game! Fruity Nail Designs Fruity Nail Designs Celebrating spring through beauty is exciting and the endless nail polish colors developed for this sunny and warm season offer you the possibility to create a myriad of combinations for an abundance of fun and colorful nail art designs! It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with a little bit of skill, the right nail polish colors and this season's most beloved symbols, fruity stickers! Our brand-new ‘Fruity Nail Designs’ game brings up a really nice tutorial on how to properly prepare your nails for a bright and well-done manicure, some bright colors for the cutest nail polishes that you’ve ever seen and a wide collection of delicious fruits for a complete manicure that will serve as an original accessory for your next, colorful outfit! Get this fun manicure game started and let our little fashionista here, Jessy, teach you how to obtain a flawless look for your nails by following a few easy nail caring steps. First of all, cut your nails and give them a really nice shape. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and then wash your hands with a special soap for sensitive skin for a complete hands caring routine. Then go to the next page of the game and select one or several colors for your nail polish and gently dye your nails with the chosen ones. Don't forget to also reward yourself with some chic fruity nail designs, choosing from the wide variety of patterns, shapes and colors that you have at your disposal in our nail design game the ones you fancy the most! Find a cheerful dress to wear today and a set of glittering jewelries for a splendid spring look! Have a great time playing the 'Fruity Nail Designs' game! Easter Egg Laundry Easter Egg Laundry Cute Wendy has decided to give her mom a precious helping hand with the preparations for the upcoming Spring holidays so she was having a fun time painting the Easter eggs. She finally got the chance to put into practice everything she learned a few weeks ago at her craft class... and she was felling really great! But it took only a moment of negligence for her to spill the paintings and the dirty water all over her clothes and now cute Wendy needs to stop her super fun activity and move to the laundry room and try to remove the colorful spots off her clothes. Can you girls help her out? Get this fun Easter Holiday game started, join Wendy in her laundry room and first of all help her separate the colorful clothes from the white ones. Then put each pile of clothes in the washing machine and pour the right type of detergent to properly wash Wendy's clothes! Great job, ladies! Now let the clothes dry and meanwhile accompany Wendy in her dressing room to help her find a new outfit for today. Choose a cute, girly-girl top and match it up with a lovely pleated or layered miniskirt, a new haircut and with some glittering jewelries for a complete new look. Do her make up as well and then... oh girls you have completely forgotten about Wendy’s clothes. They are waiting to be folded! Have a great time playing the ‘Easter Egg Laundry’ game! Vampire Nose Doctor Vampire Nose Doctor This adorable vampire girl is having some big nose problems and she is looking for the best nose doctor in the world to make her healthy again! This is your chance girls to become world wide known for your great skills in this domain, so put them to a major test while playing the ‘Vampire Nose Doctor’ game for girls! First of all, fix the re-tractor to make her nostrils bigger so you can see better and then spray some water to hydrate the nose before beginning. Great ladies! Now you should pick the pair of scissors and cut off the big hair chunks from her nose, then a pair of tweezers to pull out the single ones, a delicate cotton stick to clean each of her nostrils and then don’t forget to also take care of those three pimples she has on the top of her nose. From time to time you’ll have to stop… this is a very stressful situation for our cute vampire girl and she needs to charge up with some bits of tasty blood! Now you can take a closer look inside her nose by using a magnifying glass to better see what’s going on at a microscopic level and make sure you get rid of any harming bacteria and viruses that caused all of her nose problems. Pay attention to the info bubble that pops up in left side of your screen to see which tool you need to use for each virus to remove it! Good luck and have a great time playing this brand-new nose doctor game on DressUpWho! Barbie Prom Hairc... Barbie Prom Haircuts Hello ladies! Here comes our stylish Barbie doll with a major challenge for you: in only a few days from now she will be attending her prom and she’s thinking to give herself a major change for this event… one that involves scissors, styling tools and, of course, glam hair accessories! Ladies, Barbie is looking for a brand-new haircut for her prom night and she can’t wait for you to start creating the one that is sure to leave all her senior colleagues mouth-opened! So, are you ready to show of your amazing hairstyling skills? Great! If so, get the ‘Barbie Prom Haircuts’ game started and first of all, prepare her gorgeous blonde hair-locks for the styling process by using the best shampoo on the market to wash it up and a delicate conditioner to give it a gloving of health look! Use the professional hair blower that you have at your disposal in this online hair game for girls to obtain a natural volume for her hair and then ladies… well, feel free to go to the net page of the game and start cutting her hair until you reach the desired length! Pick from a selection of three different hair styling tools the needed one to finish Barbie’s prom updo in style. Great jobs ladies! Now what about changing the color of her hair, too by adding some bits of sweet candy-pink, lovely lavender or maybe some bold green shades for a major transformation? Pick out your favorites and then look for a glam evening dress to dress Barbie up for her prom! Don’t forget to also select a really nice hair accessory for a complete, jaw-dropping prom look! Enjoy playing this brand new Barbie Game here on DressUpWho =)! Bubbly Bubble Bubbly Bubble Are you girls looking for something really, really fun to play? Then you’re in the right place ‘cause has the game that will keep you in front of your computer for hours! Just make sure you sit on a really comfy chair… once started you won’t be able to do something else but keep playing the ‘Bubbly Bubble’ game! It’s so much fun and so addictive! Cute Lisa is going to blow some bubbles for you and the biggest of all will start a long journey through the world! Your task will be to make sure it gets as far as possible by using your mouse or the space bar on your keyboard! Pay a great attention girls… there will be a lot of pipes in the way, other up or down that you will have to avoid, and it will not be easy! Now, if you feel like you are ready for a crazy floating bubble session hit the ‘Start’ button and let the fun begin! And ladies… don’t forget to tell us your score in a comment below! Good luck and have fun! Cherry Blossom Ma... Cherry Blossom Makeover It is spring time and the cherry blossoms are just beginning to come to life. Do you know where are the most beautiful cherry blossom forests in the world? The answer is Japan! You can take this beautiful girl on an Asian trip to beauty and give her a real makeover that will make her refreshed after the long winter. Start with a facial treatment and apply a delicate cleanser for her pores, then use some hot water as a steamer that will open up the pores and get them ready for the next treatments. Use green tea bags on her eyes to make the dark circles under them disappear and make them look clear and fresh. Apply a hydrating scrub to remove imperfections and a nourishing mud face mask with cherry blossom petals to nourish the skin and give it a natural glow. Finally use a pair of tweezers to define her eyebrows. You can now apply a delicate make up to emphasize her best features. Use contact lenses the change the color of her eyes, mascara to make the eye lashes longer, a colorful eye shadow and a liner to bring attention to her eyes, a glossy lipstick and a feminine blush. Complete her new look with a spring inspired hairstyle and outfit. Have a great time playing Cherry Blossom Makeover! Clawdeen Wolf Hai... Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts Clawdeen Wolf is always up to date with the latest trends in terms of beauty, fashion and stunning haircuts and now that the sunny spring is here she has decided to accept DressUpWho’s challenge and try out a total makeover for the new season! Yeah, that’s right ladies… this drop-dead gorgeous Monster High diva is all yours for the day and you and only you will be able to decide what stunning look will she flaunt next! How awesome is that? Now the first thing you need to deal with in order to properly begin Clawdeen’s major transformation is to prepare her gorgeous long hair for the upcoming hairstyling session. Apply a delicate cleanser to wash it up, then use plenty of water to rinse the foam and a professional hair blower for extra volume. Once you’re done with the preparation part you girls will be invited to the next page of the 'Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts' game and style up her hair the way you want. This will surely be the best part of the game because you will get the chance to cut her hair and give it a stunning new line, then you can use different styling tools to arrange it as nicely as possible, not to mention that you also can select from a wide variety of colors your favorites to add some bits of originality to Clawdeen's brand new haircut! Next you get to deal with her make-up look as well and try your best to create a daring look for her eyes and lips and then you’re also invited to run your fingers through her special wardrobe prepared for this season and choose a jaw-dropping outfit to dress her up with! Don’t forget to also accessorize your selection with glittering jewelries and with a girly-girl hair accessory! Have a great time playing our 'Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts' game! Swimmer's Armpit ... Swimmer's Armpit Makeover Bella has been training for months for this swimming competition that she's attending tomorrow! She and her girls have managed to put together a breath-taking, perfectly synchronized routine that is sure to impress both the audience and the severe jury. She feels very confident about it and she knows she is prepared to stun everyone tomorrow... but it seems she forgot to take care of a really little detail: she totally forgot to shave her armpits! Oh no! She can't show up that way in the competition, so would you girls like to help Bella out with her armpit makeover session! First of all, you ladies should apply a delicate exfoliating gel to get ready of any dead skin cells in order to allow a closer shave. Use plenty of water to remove it and then apply a shaving cream of your choice to soften her hair and skin for better results. Great job, girls! Now pick out your favorite type of razor and start shaving Bella's hairy armpits against the grain. Make sure you also apply a lotion afterwards to help the skin recover... avoid applying deodorant right away because the skin is extra delicate after shaving! Well done! Now that Bella's armpits look silky gorgeous you can start wondering what lovely swimming suit, chic hairstyle and colorful makeup look you can use to accessorize her adorable look for that important competition she's getting ready for! Have a great time playing the Swimmer's Armpit Makeover game! April Fools Dentist April Fools Dentist Cute Jenny has always wanted to flaunt a celebrity-inspired smile but because she was too afraid to go to a dentist, she spend the last mounts dreaming about it! Today that's going to change because she finally feels she has the courage to sit on a dentist chair and let the skilled doctor deal with her sparkling-white smile! But who could ever imagine that Jenny's dentist was looking forward after his first 'victim' of this year's April 1st holiday? Oh, Jenny dear... it seems you'll have to wait a couple of days more until your dentist will be able to fix your teeth as desired! So tell me, are you girls ready to play the best April 1st prank of the year? If so, get the 'April Fools Dentist' game started, play with all those professional dentist tools that we've prepared for you and begin working on the first part of your special joke! Pull out some teeth, drill cavities in the renaming ones and use a special tool to make some of them look bigger than supposed! And that's not all! Moving to the next page of the game you girls will find the tools needed to finish off your task in style! Choose from a selection of bold colors your favorites to color her teeth up with, then apply a pair of braces as well and don't forget to also check the collection of special stickers, too! Oh, poor Jenny! She surely looks horrible! Now what about choosing a highly original outfit, too? Have a great time playing the 'April Fools Dentist' game! Frankie Stein Eye... Frankie Stein Eye Care Monster High Frankie Stein noticed that she's having some difficulties to read the notes on the blackboard, so she has decided to pay a short visit to the school's ophthalmologist to find out if she's going to need or not a chic pair of glasses! But it seems that the doctor is out to an international medical conference and in this case... would you girls like to step into the shoes of a super skilled eye specialist and help Frankie Stein with her eye issue? Get this brand-new game of the Monster High Doctor series started and drag and drop her on your special chair in order to properly perform all the steps of the diagnosis process. Okay, now the first thing you need to deal with is to put some drops in her eyes! Now you can run some standard tests to see is she's having difficulties in reading the numbers or the letters and to be able to prescribe the lenses Frankie Stein will be needing from now on. Once the machine gives you the result of your diagnosis, you will be able to select the lenses she will need for her right eye and the ones she will need for her left eye and you will also be given the chance to run another test and find out if now Frankie sees better with the given lenses. Great job, doctor... you're almost done! Now let's help her select a chic pair of frames to fit Frankie's face shape and make sure to match your selection with a colorful pair of lenses! Have a great time playing the 'Frankie Stein Eye Care' game! Uggs Clean And Care Uggs Clean And Care It seems to me, girls, that the lovely and sunny spring season is already here and that means it is time for us to store our winter stylish clothes and chic UGG boots and bring in the colorful Oxford shoes, Hollywood pumps, wedges or snickers that we are going to use for the coming sunny weeks! So, do you girls have any idea how to properly store your Ugg boots? Me neither, but I'm pretty sure it's not okay to throw them in a closet until the next chilly season. They surely need a special care and that's what we will discover while playing DressUpWho's brand-new game called 'Uggs Clean And Care'! First, we'll have to make sure that we have all the needed tools ready to hand and then we'll only need to follow Sally's instructions on how to properly prepare our UGG boots for storage! For the beginning we will need a brush to remove the first layer of dirt and right after that we will have to apply a special solution to continue the caring process. Use plenty of water to remove the foam and let the boots dry for one day! Remove the lint by using a special roll and then use a cotton ball on a stick, dip it in oil and use it for bringing some glow back. Great job girls! Now what about playing the role of a super talented shoe designer, too and help Sally put together a brand new look for her UGG boots? You can customize their look, starting by selecting a new color or some new chic patterns for her boots and then you also get to choose from a wide variety of accessories the ones you fancy the most to give them a brand-new, highly original look! Have a blast! Frozen Anna Spa Frozen Anna Spa Anna is the sister of the ruling queen and as a princess that never found out her sister's secret about having special powers, Anna always felt a bit left out and in search for love. She is seeking affection mostly from her sister, but she also dreams about a fairytale love. Maybe a frozen spa day will relax her! Olaf will help you out! Use a magical snow globe and turn it on for icy snow to fall on her back. This will refresh her skin and make it more tonic. Wipe her back with a soft towel so she doesn't catch a cold. Then use a special cream that will nourish the skin and a scrub to make it really soft. Olaf will give Anna a very relaxing massage. Place ice cubes on her back because they will make her muscles feel a lot better. Chromotherapy is a great way to make the body and mind feel more happy. Now you can apply a pretty make up on Anna that will emphasize her great features and will make her feel pretty and you can dress her up in an amazing princess outfit. Have an incredible time playing Frozen Anna Spa! Snail Care Snail Care Having your own adorable pet to take care of is definitely fun, but almost all your friends have a dog, a cat, a playful hamster or maybe a colorful aquarium decorated with all sorts of exotic fish, am I right girls? But if you guys are thinking of getting an original pet that is sure to leave everyone mouth-opened you might want to consider our suggestion and go 'hunting' for a snail... a pretty crazy idea, huh? Our brand new online pet caring game for girls is going to teach you how to catch a cute snail and it is also going to reveal some of the most important care tips that you need to know about these cute little creatures, so get the 'Snail Care' game started, borrow one of your mom's cookie jars and let's go and try to catch one cute snail... of your favorite color, of course! Great job, ladies! Now that you have this unique pet it's time for you girls to star learning how to properly take care of it, but not before paying a short visit to the local pet shop. As you can see in the bottom right corner of your screen you can find a list of items you need to buy for your new little friend, so feel free to start spotting them all out in the shortest time possible. Once you've managed to buy everything needed, return home and begin taking care of your new buddy. Give it a warm bubble bath, decorate its brand-new home as nicely as possible and don't forget to also customize its look as cool as possible. Enjoy playing the 'Snail Care' game!