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Baby Madison Camp... Baby Madison Camping Yay, Dad is going to take Baby Madison camping!! Oh she’s so excited about it as this is her very first camping experience. She spend the morning doing a research on the Internet and right now our sweetie and her dad are heading to a local store to buy everything Baby Madison has her outing list. Join her in this amazing new experience and first of all, help her find on the needed items: some plastic plates and cups, trays, a basket, folding table and chairs, and a tent of course are on her list, so make sure to spot them in the shortest time possible. Drive back home to pick Mom and Grandma and then, you four are going to travel to the place Dad has chosen for Madison’s first camping experience. Help out playful kid arrange the camping site, take her fishing and right at the launch time, serve everyone their favorite foods. Have a great camping experience together with Baby Madison and her beloved ones! Popular Cheer Hai... Popular Cheer Hairstyles Cute Lisa has decided! When she returns back to school she’s going to attend the cheerleading tryouts. She knows she can make it… and together with your precious helping hand she will make a really good first impression as well… can you help Lisa prepare her sporty chic look for the upcoming tryouts? She needs her colorful outfit and a stylish hairstyle to impress, so it seems there is a lot of work waiting for you in the ‘Popular Cheer Hairstyles’ game for girls. Get it started ladies and first of all prepare Lisa’s long hair locks for the styling part by washing it with professional products. Make sure to also apply a nourishing hair mask and once you’re done, use the hair dryer to obtain extra volume for Lisa’s hair. Great job, ladies! Now help her decide: should she go for a cure cheer ponytail, for a poof updo or maybe for some perfectly done curls? Once the main decision was taken, follow the in-game instructions to style her hair in the chosen way. Then you are invited to go to the next page of this fun game and help her choose the right top and a matching bottom for her tryout. Have a blast, ladies! Monster High Wolf... Monster High Wolf Babies These two Wolf sisters surely are the chicest ghouls at tenting the classes at the famous school for monsters, but have you girls ever wondered how they looked like when they were two adorable babies? brings you the opportunity to find out, ladies, and moreover we also invite you to babysit your favorite baby monsterista. Step in getting this first game of the Monster High Babies series started and meet the sweet baby Howleen Wolf and drop-dead gorgeous baby Clawdeen Wolf, the two cuties you are going to babysit today! First of all, select the baby you want to take care of and then start fulfilling the first tasks we’ve prepared for you in this baby caring game and that is a super fun baby feeding session. You will have to find the milk and the right fruits in order to keep the baby girl happy and from time to time, she will also ask for some toys, so make sure to find the needed one in the shortest time possible. Feel free to go to the next page of the game, run your fingers though an impressive collection of cute baby clothes and select a nice one to dress your cute baby up with! Pair your selection with the right accessories, shoes and with a new hairstyle! Have a great time playing the 'Monster High Wolf Babies’ game! Abbey's Snow Mons... Abbey's Snow Monster Monster Abbey Bominable loves the cold weather and since she’s going to enjoy her winter vacation in the mountains she plans to do it in style. While most of her her fiends are going to build their first snowman ever cute monster Abbey has other ideas: she’s going to create an adorable snow monster… but she would need your precious helping hand, ladies! Step in getting this winter special Monster High game started to help cute Abbey create her playful monster. Decide on the shapes its legs should have and then use a shovel to put the snow in the silicon forms, then continue with the body, hands and its head. Great job, ladies! Choose a pair of eyes for Abbey’s icy friend and some matching horns as well. You are almost done here, ladies… now you just need to dress up our stylish monsterista so she can enjoy the day in style with her newest friend. Have a blast! Barbie's Christma... Barbie's Christmas Patchwork Dress Get ready to work out your fashion designer skill, ladies, while playing DressUpWho’s brand-new exclusive game for girls! Cute Barbie has in mind a pretty special outfit for this year’s winter holidays but sadly she couldn’t find in her favorite stores the wining mix, so she thought that maybe you can just design it for her. Can you help Barbie impress good old Santa and all her friends with her exquisite top and matching loose skirt? Good, then let’s join her and first of all, decide which top style should she go for. Choose a nice, bright shade to add a splash of color on it or just select some daring patterns and then feel free to go on the next page of the game to pick the bottom part of Barbie’s exclusive patchwork dress. With only a few clicks around you ladies will manage to cover the chosen skirt in Christmassy prints featuring playful designs and an array of colors. Great, now let’s focus on the accessories. Pick a cute bow to highlight Barbie’s tin waist and decorate it with sparkling germs, select a pair of shoes to match and a glittering pair of earrings as well. Do Barbie’s hair and then dare to change its color for a jaw-dropping, new look! Have a great time, ladies! Elsa's Ugly Chris... Elsa's Ugly Christmas Sweater The Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is already a tradition at, therefore, with only a few days left until the most beautiful winter holiday, we challenge you ladies to join us for another dressing up marathon. This year, we’ve asked Queen Elsa to join us as well and she gladly accepted to be our model girl! Now we need you girls to step in getting the ‘Elsa’s Ugly Christmas Sweater’ game started, step into the shoes of a super talented fashion designer and design the ugliest yet the funkiest Christmas sweaters for her to wear on her favorite holiday of the year. First of all, choose the top, then its color and some cute, Christmas related patterns to design the upper part of Elsa’s outfit. Then look for a skirt or some pants to match, work out your designing skills once again and when you’re done, go to the next page of the game to choose a pair of shoes and some matching accessories for a complete Christmassy look. Have a great time, playing this Frozen-inspired, Christmas themed dress up game! Special Christmas... Special Christmas Hairstyles Lina has already started preparing for Christmas. Her house was beautifully decorated, she and her mom have decided on the holiday special menu, she has chosen the outfit that she will wear on the Christmas Eve, but she still needs to decide on the hairstyle that she plans on wearing on the Christmas Day. Can you help her out, ladies? Prepare her hair for styling by washing it with shampoo and conditioner. Apply a hydrating hair mask, dry it with the blow dryer and then move to the next page of the game to discover the three special hairstyles she has in mind for this winter holiday. Pick one and follow the styling steps in order to come up with the updo she fancies. Secure it with bobby pins and once you’re done feel free to run your fingers though Lina’s Christmassy clips and decide which ones would best complement her final look! Have a great time playing the ‘Special Christmas Hairstyles’ game for girls! DIY Leather Bow B... DIY Leather Bow Bracelets It’s time to put your jewellery designer skills to a new test, ladies, while playing our brand-new game in the DIY series called: Leather Bow Bracelets! Join cute Jessy to her fun shopping spree and help her put in her shopping cart all the items listed in her girly-girl agenda and once you have everything prepared, start following Jessy’s precious instructions in order to learn how to make these cute bow bracelets on your own! First of all decide on the leather’s pattern and colour and then start cutting and folding it until you obtain a really cute, big bow. Great job ladies. Now apply the locking system and decorate your brand-new bracelet with sparkling germs available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. It looks pretty lovely, isn’t it? Why don’t you girls move to the next page page of the game to help Jessy find a lovely outfit for her statement accessory? Cute Puppy Cute Puppy Check out my adorable pet, girls! It’s a loving puppy, a sweet and playful one and I’m sure you are going to love him instantly. We are about to play start playing one of his favorite games… we are getting ready for a fun dress up session! But first, let’s customize his look in order to make sure it looks as lovely as possible: select a pair of big, wondering eyes and a pair of ears too, then decide on the muzzle and don’t forget to also find a matching tail for a complete look! Great job, ladies… now let’s play some dress up! Select a shirt or a cute princess gown to dress your puppy up with, change its color in order to better match the dog’s fur shade, and once the main decision was taken, look for some statement accessories to complement the final look up with! A beaded collar or a bright red scarf, a hat or a pink bow would surely make the difference and add some bits of chicness to our puppy’s adorable look! Have a great time playing the ‘Cute Puppy’ dress up game here on! Frozen Elsa Gives... Frozen Elsa Gives Birth This is probably the most important day in Queen Elsa’s life: her pregnancy reached the term and right now she’s getting ready to head to the hospital. According to her doctor, today she will give birth to her very first baby boy! Oh girls, she’s so exceed about it and she can’t wait to see him: will he have his father’s gorgeous eyes and her magical powers? We will all find our in only a few hours from now! But until that happens, let’s give Queen Elsa a precious helping hand and help her prepare her maternity bag to head to the hospital. Get this brand-new Frozen game started, join Queen Elsa in her room and find all the items listened on the left side of your screen: drag and drop in her bag some diapers, a fluffily blanket, some cute baby clothes and a matching cap, some things for herself and don’t forget to also put in the feeding bootle. Great job, ladies! Oh my, it seems that we are going to need your precious assistance at the hospital, too! The contractions are painful, so an injection and some extra oxygen will help her feel better. Once the baby boy is out, you will have to run a routine check and some basic measurements in order to make sure everything is fine with him and then you can carefully put him in his mother’s arms! Have a great time playing the ‘Frozen Elsa Gives Birth’ game! Baby Shona Having... Baby Shona Having Fever Oh pour little baby… she’s feeling sick today! Baby Shona woke up with a bit of fever so her mom needs the help of super talented babysitter with medical skills to take care of her - can you ladies help out? First of all, check her body temperature and then decided on the medicines that would help her feel better. Give her a spoonful of syrup to control her fever and then move to the next page of the game and change her dirty diaper! Carefully remove it and place it in the dustbin, apply some bits of a delicate baby powder and see if you can place a brand-new diaper. Great job, ladies! Now since she’s feeling way much better, dress her up in a cute baby dress and then pick up the bottle of milk and feed the cutie pie! Have a great time playing this brand-new baby care game here on! Paper Turkey Paper Turkey Do you ladies remember our beautiful teen, Sally? Last winter she invited you to dress her up for her Kirigami class as she was getting ready to make some cute paper snowflakes and today she could use some of your great fashion advices! She’s going to attend one of these fun classes again, but this time is going to be a holiday themed one! Thanksgiving is approaching really fast and Sally’s intention is to make some colorful paper turkeys that she’s going to use to decorate her house with! Well ladies, she needs to dress herself up as Sally’s second Kirigami class ever is about to begin in a few minutes from now so feel free to get the ‘Paper Turkey’ dress up game started and help her decide what lovely outfit she should pick out for this occasion! Check out the lovely dresses, go through all those cute tops, lovely pleated miniskirts, ripped jeans and hot looking, leather tights, doll-like shoes and glittering jewelries available at your disposal in Sally's wardrobe, mix and match them and select your favorite combination to dress her up with! Have fun, girls! Holiday Prep: Tha... Holiday Prep: Thanksgiving Day It’s time for cute Lucy to put on a cute dress and head to her mother’s place… it’s Thanksgiving and during this time of the year, everyone gathers together for a special meal! What should she wear? A pair of jeans and a plaid shirt or maybe something more elegant to highlight the importance of the holiday? Lucy knows her mom expects to see her wearing a cute dress and even some pumpkin shaped hair accessories, but she needs your precious helping hand ladies to figure out a really nice mix. Let’s get this amazing new game started and help cute Lucy prepare herself for the Thanksgiving Day. First, help her out with her hair caring routine: wash it accordingly and then style it up by using your favorite styling tool. Straight or all curled up, Lucy’s new updo will look flawless adorned with a holiday themed hairpin. Dare to open her professional make up kit and fell free to choose your favorite colors while creating a youthful look for her eyes and lips and once you’re done move on to the outfit advising part of this fun holiday preparation game! Look through a wide collection of cute shirts and blouses and select the loveliest of all to dress Lucy up with, then find an equally cute skirt and to finish her special Thanksgiving look, use some statement jewelries, too. Oh girls, Lucy’s mom will surely appreciate your helping hand… she looks so feminine and elegant! DIY Monster High ... DIY Monster High Rain Boots I know most of you ladies simply hate the cold, rainy days, but what if I tell you that we might have the right ‘ingredients’ that can add a splash of color to these gray days? You just need an old pair of rain boots, some colorful stickers featuring your favorite Monster High characters and a couple of tools that can help you decorate your chic rain boots as nicely as possible. Ready to find out how to do it? Well, let’s get this fun shoes decoration game started and first of all, let’s go to a local shop to buy the needed items: spot a pair of pink boots, some Monster High stickers, a blade and a pair of scissors, a big bowl, a bottle of collage pauge, a brush and a ultra dry spray. Great job, ladies! Now move on the next page of the game, step into the shoes of a super talented shoe designer and learn how to decorate these pinkish boots step-by-step. Cut out the stickers in order to properly prepare them for your needs and then use the brush to cover your pinkish boots with a thin layer of water resistant collage pauge. Start selecting you favorite stickers and use them to decorate the boots as you wish, then use the shape objects to cut the margins that exceed and then, in order to make sure that you stylish design will last forever, sprinkle some bits of ultra dry spray. They look pretty chic isn’t it? Now let’s help out cutie pie choose a really nice outfit to pair these jaw-dropping rain boots with! Enjoy playing the ‘DIY Monster High Rain Boots’ game for girls! Selena Gomez Insp... Selena Gomez Inspired Hairstyles Great news, ladies! If you want to impress everyone with cute and chic hairstyles inspired by your favourite Disney Channel actress and singer - Selena Gomez, then you should hurry up and join us on as we are getting ready to start a fun hairstyling marathon in which Selena’s fans can learn how to make three of her most well-known hairstyles! The famous loose fishtail braid, the fabulous textured ponytail and the cute bohemian braids are on our list today… you just need to help us decide which one will be the hairstyle to begin the fun with! Btw, ever wondered how she manages to make the messy, loose fishtail braid look stylish and fit every occasion? Let’s find out getting the ‘Selena Gomez Inspired Hairstyles’ game started! First of all, complete the hair caring routine by washing your girl’s hair with the right shampoo, conditioner and nourishing mask for a complete and professional hair wash. Then, go to the next page of this celebrity inspired hair game and select the updo you want to learn how to make and take the time to deal with. Once you’re done, you can also accessorize the final look with cute ribbons and hairpins and change the girl’s hair color as you wish. Have a great time, ladies! Baby Madison Spac... Baby Madison Space Adventure Baby Madison is back with a brand-new challenge, ladies! Today she needs your assistance to prepare herself for a magical trip through the space as her dream is to be the first baby in the world to discover a new planet, how cool is that? Join her in getting the ‘Baby Madison Space Adventure’ game started and first of all, go shopping together to buy the gear you two girls need for your magical space trip. Put in Madison’s cart the right astronaut suit, helmet, a matching pair of gloves and the right boots too, then look for the items she needs for her exploration session and once you have everything needed, return home and help baby Madison dress up for her space adventure. Then, using the arrows on your keyboard, help her carefully lead her ship though space. Oh look, girls!! Is that a new planet? Quick, lets step out to gather some information about this brand new planet! Check out the temperature, take a soil sample and make sure to also raise a flag to mark the spot! Good luck and have a great time playing the ‘Baby Madison Space Adventure’ game for girls! Ever After High D... Ever After High Dexter N Hunter Are you ladies ready for another trip to the famous Ever After High school? Today we are going to need your helping hand there as two playful and adorable babies need some attention, love and care. Step in getting this brand new game of the Ever After High Babies series started and meet handsome Dexter Charming and sweet baby Hunter, the two cuties you are going to babysit today! First of all, select the baby you want to take care of today and then start dealing with the first task we’ve prepared for you in this baby caring game and that is a super fun baby feeding session. You will have to find the milk and the right fruits in order to keep the baby boy happy and from time to time, he will also ask for some toys, so make sure to find the needed one in the shortest time possible. Feel free to go to the next page of the game, run your fingers though an impressive collection of cute baby clothes and select a nice one to dress your cute baby up with! Take the time to find the right accessories for the chosen outfit and a brand-new hairstyle, too! Have a great time playing the 'Ever After High Dexter N Hunter’ game! Frozen Elsa’s M... Frozen Elsa’s Make Up Look Guess who’s been invited to Princess Anna’s engagement party? That’s right girls, Queen Elsa. She is so excited about it and she can’t wait to put on a stunning dress, style up her gorgeous hair locks and to choose the flawless makeup look she needs for this important event! Why don’t you step in getting this brand-new Frozen Make Up game started to help her out, ladies? First of all, help Queen Elsa prepare her complexion for the fun makeup part by cleaning it and moisturizing it properly. Apply a cleanser and a thin layer of a delicate scrub to remove the dead cells, use some moisturizer as well and then, to complete the beautifying session in style, use that pair of professional tweezers to shape her eyebrows a bit! Great job, ladies! Now let’s help Queen Elsa deal with her make up look, too! Follow the step-by-step instructions to apply the foundation and some bits of powder to fix it, take care of the dark circles under her eyes and then apply the colorful eyeshadow as nicely as possible. To finish Frozen Elsa’s makeup look use the professional eyeliner highlight the chosen colors, apply a coat of mascara, some blush and a bold, cherry inspired color on her lips. Give her some advices on the dress she should wear on this occasion, help her style up her gorgeous hair as well and make sure to also select the right jewelries to complete her final look with! Have a great time playing this fun Frozen Make Up game! Baby Madison Gym Baby Madison Gym Cute Baby Madison has always wanted to start running a gym program for babies and now that she has the money needed to buy all the gym supplies… she needs your precious helping hand ladies to put together everything for her very first baby client! First of all, join her to the gym store and help her find all the items on her list in the shortest time possible and once you have everything place in Baby Madison’s shopping cart click the next button to return home! Great job, ladies! Now that you two have the needed gym equipment, help our young trainer here find the right place for each of them by clicking and dragging the items out of the shopping cart! Wonderful! Choose her a really cute outfit to dress her up for the grand opening day and then feel free to also attend her first class to see the special exercises she has prepared for her baby clients! Good luck and have a great time, ladies! Halloween Hairsty... Halloween Hairstyles Now that your Halloween costume was chosen, now that you’ve already decided on the wining creepy makeup look… it’s the right time for you ladies to start discussing about the updo you are going to use to complete your holiday look with! Join us on to discover three of the most popular Halloween hairstyles and to learn how to make them on your own while playing this super fun hairstyling game for girls. First of all, follow a few, step-by-step instructions to wash you gorgeous hair locks, use the professional hairdryer to obtain a natural volume for it too and once you have everything prepared for the fun styling part, go to the next page of the game and pick out the one that best fits your costume. A gorgeous spider web updo, the braided spider bun and the cute knotted ponytail are your options ladies, so just check them out and pick up your favorite. Follow the special instruction to make the chosen hairstyle, dye your hair in a bold colour and then look for some spooky hair accessories to complete your final Halloween look. Have a great time playing the ‘Halloween Hairstyles’ game! Purrfect Kitten H... Purrfect Kitten Halloween My furry kitten has big plans for the creepiest night of the year. He wants to change his fur color, dress as spooky as possible and go trick or treating in the neighborhood with his quadrupeds friends - can you help him out with his purrfect Halloween look, ladies? Step in getting this holiday special dress up game started and pick out the kitten you’d like to work your fashion adviser skills on and then select a new color for his fluffy fur. Pick out some crazy contacts for my kitten as well and for a complete new look, select a pair of new ears and a stuffed, long tail as well. Great job, ladies! Now let’s see which Halloween costume would best fit his new look. Dress the pet in a tutu dress or in a witch costume, in a monk costume or in a spooky ghost costume and once you’ve decided on the wining one, find the right hat or head accessory to match it up with! For a complete Halloween look, take the time needed to deal with his face make up look and then don’t forget to also select a pair of wings. Have a great time playing the 'Purrfect Kitten Halloween' dress up game! Halloween Make Up... Halloween Make Up: Spider Queen If you ladies are also looking for the perfect, scary Halloween look to flaunt at that fancy party you are getting ready for, then you should definitely step by to check out the perfect make up looks we’ve prepared for your Spider Queen costume. Step in getting this amazing holiday makeup game started and first of all, decide which of the three spider makeup looks would best fit your style and once the main decision was taken, feel free to move on to the next page of the game to learn which are the professional cosmetics that you will need for this task and also how to make it. Start by applying the right foundation and then to fix it apply a thin layer o powder. For a long lasting eyes makeup look, make sure of firstly apply a nourishing base and only after that you can start selecting the right colors to design the scary look for your eyes. Use a black eyeliner to highlight the chosen colors and to also draw the spider’s web, then apply one or several coats of mascara, a matching blush and, to finish your Halloween special make up look, apply a dark lipstick, too. Move on to the next page of the game and help our cutie find a new hairstyle as well, pick her a cute Halloween Spider Queen costume and match your selection with the right, glittering jewelries, too! Have a great time playing the ‘Halloween Make Up: Spider Queen’ game on! DIY Stylish Rain ... DIY Stylish Rain Boots With cold Fall showers come… the uber stylish rain boots, too! We selected two of the most popular ones and we invite you ladies to put your creativity to a major test and design the coolest pair of rain boots that you are going to wear for the rest of the season! Feel free to join us in getting the ‘DIY Stylish Rain Boots’ shoe decoration game started and first of all, decide which pair of boots would best fit your style: will you go for the adorable ankle boots or rather for the cute knee-tall ones? Once the main decision was taken, learn how to beautifully apply a colorful bow of your choice and then go to the next page of the game to continue the rain boots decoration session! Select your favorite shades and patterns to add a splash of color on these must have fall accessories and to finish your task in style, look for a glittering detail as well! Enjoy playing this free rain boot decoration game for girls and don’t forget to also share your creation in a comment below! Elsa’s New Staff Elsa’s New Staff Get ready to put all your creativity to a major test, ladies, in our brand-new Frozen decoration game! Today we are going to need your great skills to put together a brand-new staff for our adorable Queen Elsa - do you think you have what it takes to deal with that? Join her in getting this super fun decoration game started, check out the props we’ve prepared for you and pick out the items you fancy the most to create a new toy for this beloved Disney princess. Take all the time you need to decide on every little detail, and color, choose the right colors and glittering germs and once you’re done, move to the next page of the game to pick a new outfit for our cutie pie, as well! Hit the ‘Show’ button to see the final result of your work and don’t forget to also share out fun game with your friends! Have a blast!