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Beach Barbie Faci... Beach Barbie Facial Makeover Dunno about you girls, but our BFF here, Barbie, is still enjoying her awesome summer vacation! Yeah, that's right, she's far away from her crowded city, on a white sand beach where the only things she has to take care of are to relax, to tan and look great. Her beauty routine is very important for our stylish girl here, so she has decided to take her very personal beautician on this exotic trip. Now that you are already here and that Barbie's fun day at the beach is about to begin, it's time for you girls to start dealing with her look and start Barbie's makeover with a refreshing facial session. Select your favorite cleanser to begin the beauty session with, pop out her pimples, remove the dark circles under her eyes, apply a nutritious face mask, as well, and right before ending the beauty session take care of her bushy eyebrows, too. Great job, girls! Now go to the next page of the game and continue your job as Barbie's personal fashion adviser and choose a really nice outfit for her to wear at the beach today! First of all, choose her a lovely hairstyle, then look for a colorful two-pieces outfit or for a chic flowy dress to dress her up with and pair the chosen outfit with a cute pair of flip-flops or maybe with some heels, glittering earrings and with a matching necklace too, a lady-like sun hat and with a fancy pair of sunglasses, of course. Have a great time playing our brand new 'Beach Barbie Facial Makeover' game =)! Emo Haircuts Emo Haircuts Our stylish teen beauty here has decided to give up her girly-girl, city chic style and move toward a new direction, a little bit more dramatic, ruled by dark shades and inspired by the highly original Gothic style! That's right girls, our friend here turned to be a real Emo girl and the first thing she took care of was her make up! She started creating herself all kinds of dark make up looks using deep purple or black shades for her eyeshadow matched with a red lipstick, and then she started looking for the best clothes meant to help her to better express. Now that she's one step away from getting a complete Emo look, she needs some professional help from a super talented hairstylist to create her an unique haircut - so, can you girls help her out? Start your hairdresser task with a fun haircare session in which you get to wash this gorgeous girl's long hair with the best shampoo on the market in order to obtain some silky and glowing of health hair locks. Rinse the foam well, then comb it a bit, too and start using the hairdryer to set the desired volume. Go ahead with your work and use the professional scissors that you have at your disposal in the 'Emo Haircuts' game and start cutting it until you obtain the desired length. Decide if you want her to have a straight hairdo or rather a wavy one and then feel free to pick up the right hair styling tool and create it. Go crazy with the color palette option you have at your disposal in our hair game and use some bits of candy-pink, soft baby blue, light mauve or bright green to add some touch of color to her stylish Emo haircut! In order to complete this girl's brand new Emo look, choose a chic outfit to dress her up in and don't forget to also accessorize it right with chains, earrings and lovely hair accessories. Have a wonderful time playing this great game! Kawaii Wedding Cake Kawaii Wedding Cake One of the most important events of your great wedding day is the part when your gorgeous wedding cake joins the party and you and your groom get to cut it in front of all your beloved ones, friends and family, so you have to make sure it looks just like the one you have imagined for this big day. The wedding cake is as important as the location chosen for your reception or as your stunning wedding gown, it has to fit the theme chosen for your reception and it also needs a highly original look! A Kawaii wedding cake is sure to catch the attention of all your guests because of its adorable look and tiny size, so what about surprising them with a delicious and highly original masterpiece on your wedding day? Playing our fun wedding cake decoration game you girls are going to learn how to design an amazingly cute Kawaii wedding cake for your big wedding day, so get it started and first of all decide if you'd like to spoil your guests with a delicious vanilla flavored wedding cake or rather with a tasty chocolate one! Once the main decision was taken go to the next page of the game and pick the second flavor of your wedding dessert, choosing between milk, mint, whipped cream and fresh strawberries the second ingredient you want in your cake. A mix between chocolate and mint will provide a Zombie wedding cake for your guests and a mix between vanilla and strawberries will provide a Cute Wedding Cake for the most important day of your life. And that's not all! Get the 'Kawaii Wedding Cake' decoration game started, try own your own combinations and see how many lovely wedding cakes you can create with only a few clicks! Enjoy! Cotton Candy Make... Cotton Candy Makeover It's our favorite, sticky-sweet treat at a carnival, but do you girls know that the cotton candy had inspired some of the most colorful, sweet looking make up looks of the summer season? A bright, pastel colored make up look is sure to complement your gorgeous, sun-kissed skin, but first you have to learn how to bring your complexion to the perfect look... and that is going to happen while playing the 'Cotton Candy Makeover' game! First in line is the facial beauty session in which you will be playing with all sorts of professional cosmetics in order to obtain a glowing and healthy look for your complexion! So, start by applying a delicate cleanser on this teen girl's face to remove the impurities and last lines of makeup. Take a special care of her eyes, too and then bring in the fruity flavored steamer and invite your model girl to relax for a couple of minutes while her pores get the treatment they need. Pop out the pimples, remove the black circled under her eyes, use a face mask to hydrate her complexion and two refreshing lemon slices on her eyes and then apply a nourishing face mask as well! Create a nice shape for her bushy eyebrows, go to the next page of the game and feel free to start the make-up and dress up sessions in style. First of all, choose a colorful, flowy dress to dress this gorgeous girl up for a hot summer day, then style up her gorgeous hair, choosing a cute hairstyle for her and then start creating a colorful make up look to complement her stunning looks with! A successful cotton candy inspired make up look requires a bright color for the eyeshadow matched with a bold eyeliner, a gorgeous pink shade on the lips and with some colorful eyelashes, so just make sure you check out all the color options available at your disposal in our brand new makeover game before choosing the wining ones. Accessorize with your favorite jewelry set, choosing a glittering pair of earrings and a matching necklace as well! Have a great time playing the 'Cotton Candy Makeover' game! Bad Teeth Makeover Bad Teeth Makeover Everyone wants to show off some healthy and sparkling white teeth when smiling in pictures, just like the famous celebrities have, but the truth is girls, that a perfect smile is easy to get... just follow the instructions provided in our super crazy 'Bad Teeth Makeover' game and you will surely get not only some clean teeth, but also some healthy and very good looking ones and a fresh breath, too! Just pay a great attention and learn how to properly do your regular dental hygiene, then don't forget about the regular checkup at the dentist and you are almost there. Today we are going to introduce you an extremely beautiful girl who has a big problem: her teeth aren't in the best shape, so she has decided to contact you, her super talented personal dentist and ask you to help her out a bit! Our brand new 'Bad Teeth Makeover' game will start with a short visit at the dentist (you), because only him can help us and remove the calculus deposits from the teeth. Once the scaling session is complete, you get to choose from three professional toothpastes the one you'd like to try for the whitening session! Use the mouse to move the toothbrush up and down and brush the girl's teeth for about three minutes, then use some fresh water to rinse the foam and feel free to continue the whitening session with the next step. Apply two chic braces, as well, so she can have not only a bright smile but also a perfect teeth! One year later you will remove the braces and the only thing she needs to deal with is the make up look and the outfit she is going to choose to accessorize her celebrity smile up with! Start the total transformation session with a fun hairstyling session and choose a new hairdo for her brand new look, then use your favorite colors to create the best make up look ever, making sure you select a bold red lipstick color or maybe a sweet pinkish one for her lips. Choose a colorful outfit to dress her up with on such a hot summer day and then accessorize her brand new look with glittering earrings and a matching necklace. Oh... and don't forget to remind her to SMILE! Is the best thing she can do after this long beauty session! Have a great time, girls! Yogurt Facial Mak... Yogurt Facial Makeover Yogurt is more than a nutritious food or a healthy dessert, it also has vast benefits when applied to the skin. For example, our super talented beautician here has recently discovered the magical powers hidden behind the famous yogurt mask and she plans to share them with you! She goes for a nutritious yogurt mask after a long party night to revive her dull skill, whenever she wants her complexion to look healthy and glowing, when the acne takes control or when she needs a flawless look for an important dinner. So, are you girls ready to discover what a delicious and creamy tub of yogurt can do when applied to the skin? Join beautiful and super talented beautician Jenny in her fancy girly-girl bathroom getting the 'Yogurt Facial Makeover' game started and learn how to prepare the best yogurt mask on your own and also how to apply it right to obtain the desired benefits! First of all, mix the creamy yogurt with some bits of flour and once the mixture is ready use a soft sponge to cover her face with this wonderful mask. Rinse well and then start preparing the second mask by mixing some yogurt with fresh carrots and orange juice. Then help Jenny prepare a nourishing face mask as well, mixing the creamy yogurt with sweet honey and some fresh strawberries and don't forget to also take care of her bushy eyebrows and give them a lovely shape. Continue with a fun make-up session in which you get to play the role of a super talented make-up artist, the person in charge to make her look flawless for tonight, then style up her gorgeous hair as well, choosing an elegant hairdo for her and finish of your task as Jenny's personal fashion adviser by selecting a chic outfit to dress her up with! Pick a sparkling pair of earrings and a matching chain to complete her stunning look! Have a great time playing the 'Yogurt Facial Makeover' game, girls! Extreme Girl Make... Extreme Girl Makeover Playing this new makeover game you get the one in a life time chance to put your amazing make-up artist and fashion adviser skills to a big challenge and turn this young and beautiful teen girl into a fashion icon. She used to have some weigh problems, but her ambition and the help of her BFF were the only two things she needed to keep up with her exercises and become a top-model girl! Last year she was at one dark extreme, now she's at the other one... and as today is the first day she's going to meet all her friends after such a long time she needs to look at her best and here is the point were your challenge begins, girls! Help her out with a beauty facial treatment that will bring all her natural beauty to the surface. You will be surprised of the wonders a cleanser, a scrub and a face mask can do. Move on to makeup, help her with a glamorous hairstyle and dress her up in a gorgeous and colorful outfit which you can accessorize with precious jewelry. Have a blast! Count Fabulous Gr... Count Fabulous Grooming As we already know it, girls, Count Dracula's fabulous daughter is one ghoul who really appreciates a stunning outfit and a flawless look, she's a true fashionista and a real fashion icon at the famous Monster High, but still... there's something more in her life and it happens to be as important as fashion is. So when she's not practicing with the squad or when she's not doing shopping with Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf, Ula D is having a great time in the company of her beloved winged friend, Count Fabulous. Today they have scheduled a super fun pet grooming session in which Draculaura's bad friend is going to be the special guest, so if you are looking for something fun to play, then you should get the 'Count Fabulous Grooming' game started and give her a helping hand! Start the grooming session with a warm bubble bath by washing Draculaura's adorable winged pet with soap and water and then feel free to use a delicate towel and the hair dryer to complete its weekly spoiling session. Go to the next page of the game and pick out a super trendy outfit for cute Draculaura too, choosing a pinkish dress to dress her up with or maybe a cute top mixed with a lovely miniskirt and matched with a stylish pair of heels and a brand new hairstyle. Accessorize Draculuara's fashionable look with fabulous earrings and necklaces and don't forget to also pick a matching look for Count Fabulous as well. Have a great time playing our Monster High Pet Grooming game! Rave Nation Makeo... Rave Nation Makeover Meet Jessy here, a very stylish and fashionable teen gal who loves to spend the nights partying around in some of the coolest clubs in town! But hey, she's at the beach right now, the destination she has chosen to enjoy her summer vacation and she plans to dance, dance, dance all night till she can't feel her legs! This weekend she's going to attend the most awaited music festival of the year, the Rave Nation baby, so her main preoccupation is to get properly prepared for it, but it seems she needs a helping hand! First of all, she needs your help as her personal beautician to make her complexion glow of health and look perfect for the cool make up looks she wants to try out this weekend. Start the beauty treatment with a relaxing facial session in which you will be using the best products available on the market to take care of her face. Use a delicate soap to clean up her face, use an infuser to open up her pores and then get her pimples out, apply a nutritious face mask and a moisturizer as well, and then make sure you give her eyebrows a beautiful shape with a pair of tweezers. Then put your make-up artist skills to a major test as well, go to the next page of the game and start creating a bold make up look to fit the colorful party outfit she has prepared for this music event! Don't forget to also pick her a brand new hairstyle and make sure you complete her party girl look with some colorful accessories. Have a lot of fun playing our 'Rave Nation Makeover' game! Operetta Diva Mak... Operetta Diva Makeover Rise and shine Monster High fans, here comes DressUpWho with its brand new makeover game featuring a cool ghoul chick, an independent country diva - Operetta. She is well-known as being one of the most fashionable ghouls attending the school at the famous Monster High, having a great flair and passion not only for fashion but also for music! Being an artist, Operetta is very careful with her look, so her beauty routine is a very important step in the stage prep process, her make-up looks are always flawless and the outfits she picks for her live performances are meant to impress. She's here today girls because she's looking for a super talented beautician, make-up artist and fashion adviser to help her create the perfect diva look, the one she's going to flaunt on the stage tonight, so get this fun Monster High 'Operetta Diva Makeover' game started, put your skills to a major test and prove that you've got what it takes to be her personal helper of the day! Start the transformation process with a beauty facial treatment that will make her skin flawless: use the right cleanser, a delicate scrub and a nourishing face mask to make her complexion look gorgeous and healthy for the upcoming make up session. Choose a nice shape for her stylish eyebrows and don't forget to also use a delicate tonic to calm down her face after the beauty process. Apply a moisturizing face cream as well and then let the fashion show begin. Check out the stage outfits we've prepared in this Monster High dress up game, have this drop-dead gorgeous diva try on your favorites and then feel free to pick the chicest of all to dress her up for the live concert she's going to have tonight. Accessorize it up with with a sparkling pair of earrings, a matching chain and a girly-girl hair accessory, too! Style up her gorgeous red hair as well, choosing a new hairdo for her and then go to the next page of the game and start creating her a flawless make up look, the one that will complete her gorgeous stage look! Have an incredible time playing this fun Monster High Makeover game! The Voice Makeover The Voice Makeover This young and beautiful artist girl here surely has the voice needed to make all the four popular members of the jury want to be her mentor in this singing contest, but she will also need the looks to be sure the people watching the show from home will see her as the girl who has everything needed to make it big in the music industry! She's about to go up the stage and stun everyone with her great voice and there is not enough time left for her to gather a team of beauticians, make-up artists and fashion advisers to help her look at her best for the best ten minutes of her life, so would you girls like to show of your skills and help her stun the jury tonight not only with an original song but also with a jaw-dropping look? Play this fun makeover game and help our talented girl here look as a true artist by starting with a beauty facial treatment that will make her skin flawless and then get a fabulous hairstyle, a great make up and some fancy and well accessorized clothes! Use the right cleanser, a delicate scrub, a refreshing eye mask and a nourishing face mask in order to make her complexion look gorgeous for the make up part and don't forget to also play with that professional pair of tweezers and shape her eyebrows as nicely as possible. Then pick her a stunning outfit to dress her up for the show, accessorize it up with the perfect pair of statement earrings and with a matching chain as well, style up her gorgeous hair choosing a new hairdo for her and then feel free to create the make up look needed to complete her style as well. Have a great time playing our brand new makeover game! Central Park Picn... Central Park Picnic Makeover It makes such a beautiful and sunny day outside, so our cutie pie has decided to call her girly friends and invite them to the Central Park for a fun picnic day! They gladly answered to her invitation so Jenny's main preoccupation right now is to get all prepared for a fun day outside in the nature. Would you girls like to give her a hand and help her prepare for a perfect picnic day? Even if this day is all about fun and casual, Jenny wants to look at her best, so the first thing you have to deal with is to give her a beauty facial treatment, the one which will ensure a glowing and healthy look for her complexion. Apply a delicate cleanser to remove all the impurities, a scrub to get rid of the dead cells, a nourishing mud face mask, a refreshing eye mask and a then use pair of tweezers to give the eyebrows a flawless shape. Now choose her a gorgeous hairstyle and dye it in your favorite color by using the hue, brightness, saturation and contrast options, then pick her a comfy chic outfit to dress her up for the day and put your make-up artist skills to a major test as well and try to create her a fabulous make-up look that will wow her friends! For a complete picnic fun look, accessorize the chosen outfit with a colorful and glittering jewelry set! Have a great time playing this fun makeover game! Barbie In China M... Barbie In China Makeover Ni hao! Here comes with some amazing news about Barbie! As you may already know it, she has big plans for this long summer vacation, one of Barbie's main preoccupation being to travel all over the world and discover new cultures while enjoying some of the funniest adventures in amazing countries such as China, Japan, India and Thailand. This time she has found herself in the beautiful China where she's having a really great time living in a super small village near Beijing, the place where she gets to discover some of the great beauty tips known only by the old Chinese woman. Their secret formula for the hair shampoo will ensure her a long and shiny hair many years from now and their oh so wanted face masks will give Barbie's complexion the perfect look she needs for her flawless makeup looks, so she just needs your help to use them properly! Join Barbie in her amazing trip through the great China getting this fun online makeover game started and, first of all, help her out with the treatment for her hair, give her a helping hand with her facial treatment as well and then help her put together a traditional Chinese look for today. Create her a bold make up look by using your favorite lipstick color, eyeshadow and eyelashes shape, choose her a beautifully embroidered traditional dress in a lovely pastel color to dress her up for the day and then see which of those glittering chandelier earrings, over-sized princess tiaras and precious looking chains you can use to adorn the chosen dress up with. Style up her gorgeous hair as well, choosing a new hairdo for her and then see what lovely umbrella or gorgeous hand-fan you can pick to accessorize her look with! Have an amazing time playing the 'Barbie In China Makeover' game! Catrine DeMew Art... Catrine DeMew Artsy Makeover My oh my, look what we have here girls! It's a new cool Monster High Makeover game which brings up with it the beautiful Catrine DeMew, one of the most popular amatory artist living in the city or Scaris, France! Being one of the newest ghouls in Monster High, Catrine's greatest desire is to fit in with the other ghouls in the shortest time possible, so first of all she will need her personal beautician, make-up artist and fashion adviser just as the other ghouls have. This is your chance to show off what you've got and be the person hidden behind Catrine's jaw-dropping looks, so just get the 'Catrine DeMew Artsy Makeover' game started, put your skills to a major test and put together a freaky fab look for our highly original werecat ghoul to flaunt at school today! Start with a beauty facial treatment that will remove all the flaws: use a cleanser, a nose mask, an eye mask, a pimple remover and a pair of tweezers for the eyebrows. Then, help her style up her gorgeous purple locks, apply a flawless make up look on her face and dress her up in very chic and fashionable clothes. Don't forget to also accessorize the chosen outfit accordingly. Have an amazing time playing this great Monster High Makeover game! Prom Shop Prom Shop The prom night is almost here, but a couple of our friends does not have an outfit prepared for this event! The clock is ticking away and they will never manage to though all of those fancy shops looking for their stunning prom dresses, Hollywood heels and sparkling jewelries unless... they come to your special Prom Shop, the place which has everything needed for some highly original, stunning prom looks. In this fun time management game you girls play the role of a very skillful top-seller, the person who's going to help these beautiful ladies find the perfect looks for the most awaited night of the year! As a seller your main preoccupation will be to keep your customers happy and deliver them the desired clothing or accessory pieces in the shortest time possible, of course. Quick, quick... your very first client has just entered the store... let's take the order and see what she's looking for and then feel free to check your store for the right items! If your client is satisfied with the chosen items she will surely buy everything, so make sure you don't forget to collect the money, you will need them to buy new stuff in the store. Good luck and have fun, girls! Equestria Girls A... Equestria Girls Applejack Makeover Applejack is the most loyal and helpful friend of all the Equestria Girls, she's a simple girl who loves the countryside life, she enjoys working on a farm and in terms of fashion she is for more comfortable clothes that she can easily pair up with leather boots, cowgirl hats and colorful accessories. But today she feels like she would like to try something new, such as a total makeover, so would you girls like to give her a hand and help our cute Applejack girl look at her best? Start the transformation process with a nourishing facial treatment, then continue with a colorful make up session and finish off by picking her a super fancy outfit to dress her up for the day. First of all, she needs her face cleaned up, her pimples removed, a scrub to get rid of the dead cells, a mud face mask to hydrate her complexion and some fresh oranges on her eyes to refresh them. Then you can go to the next page of the game and pick her a super cute dress to dress her up with, play with her professional make-up kit and create her a colorful make up look, then you can pick her new haircut as well and accessorize her new look with your favorite candy-colored jewelries! Have an incredible time playing the 'Equestria Girls Applejack Makeover' game! Cute Thumbelina D... Cute Thumbelina Dress Up Here comes our brand new dress up game girls, one inspired by the most beautiful fairy tale ever, the story of the little Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. As you may already know it, this adorable character is a very little girl, half as long as a thumb... that's why her mother decided to call her Thumbelina or Tiny, but what you surely don't know is that this lovely-sweet cutie pie is by far one of the most stylish little girls living in the great fantasy world! Just start running your fingers through her colorful tiny wardrobe and you will instantly understand what I mean. From glittering corset bodices adorned with elegant belts and stylish off shoulders tops or cute ruffled t-shirts to princess-like full skirts, chic miniskirts and fancy capris you will find an endless collection of amazing tiny clothing pieces to choose from while playing the 'Cute Thumbelina Dress Up' game! Once the main decision was taken, make sure to pair her adorable little outfit with some cute, doll-like shoes, with a new hairstyle, some sparkling earrings, a matching chain and with a colorful bracelet as well. In order to add more chicness to her tiny little looks, you should also find a gorgeous girly-girl accessory for her hair. Have fun playing the cute Thumbelina dress up game! Weekend Car Wash Weekend Car Wash Aww... check this out girls! Cute Lina has got her birthday present earlier this year and it seems her mom and dad were thought to surprise their beautiful teen girl with an adorable girly-girl car. It's a bit too oldie but and it is definitely perfect for all the road trips Lina has in mind for this summer vacation... it just needs a special care for a sparkly clean new look and it will be ready for their first ride. Luckily, it makes such a beautiful and sunny day outside, so you two girls are going to have a lot of fun cleaning up Lina's brand new toy, that's for sure. Join Lina in her backyard getting the 'Weekend Car Wash' game started and, first of all, help Lina take care of the car's look by giving it a nice wash and polish so you won't wonder out into town with a dirty car. Wash it thoroughly with water and soap, rinse it well, use a soft towel to dry it and then spend the time needed for a complete car waxing session as well. Go to the next page of the game and pick a nice color for Lina's new car to fit her girly-girl style, a pair of new rims and some eye catching headlights, too! Now besides this fun car washing and customization session you will also have to help our girl choose a super chic outfit, too 'cause she wants to look really good while driving her new acquisition downtown. Sneak a peek at her colorful summery wardrobe available at you disposal in this exciting dress up game and feel free to pick out your favorite clothing pieces and accessories items to dress her up with and help her look amazing. Don't forget to also style up her gorgeous hair and to look through her collection of glittering jewelries as well. Have a great time, girls! Venus McFlytrap F... Venus McFlytrap Flowery Makeover It's Monster High makeover time girls and today we are going to introduce you girls one of the newest Monster High ghouls - Venus McFlytrap, the daughter of the Plant Monster. Because of her highly original roots Venus has bright green skin that requires some of the best treatments available on the market in order to always keep it a bit wet and glowing of health! For that she has to properly fulfill her daily beauty routine and today girls, Venus needs your helping hand because she's planning to try on some brand new facial products. Play the 'Venus McFlytrap Flowery Makeover' game and first of all help beautiful Venus use the cleansers, scrubs, masks and creams right in order to ensure a nourished, healthy and bright skin for her complexion. Once this step completed, a pair of professional tweezers will help you create the best shape for her thick eyebrows and will also open the gates to a perfect make up look. As Venus' personal make-up artist you get the chance to play with many colors and makeup products that you will find in her professional make-up kit, so go ahead, pick out your favorites and make sure that in the end her look will be nothing else but flawless. As you might already know it girls, Venus has a punk-rocker style due to her partially shaved head and her style suits her personality as she likes bright and bold clothing and accessory items, so have a sneak peek at her impressive collection of trendy-chic outfits available in a wide variety of bold colors, have her try some of them and pick out your favorite clothing piece to dress her up with. Then check out this cutie's collection of candy-colored jewelries as well and pick out the ones that best complement the chosen outfit! Have a great time playing this fun Monster High makeover game! Aztec Princess Aztec Princess How about a travel back in time to the central Mexico of the 14th-16th centuries? Our fantasy themed dress up game is the time machine you need for this magical trip, so just get it started girls and get ready to meet one of the most beautiful and sophisticated Aztec princesses living in the Valley of Mexico. She used to be super famous and envy for her luxurious and elegant royal fashion style but since her father died, she's just another poor little princess who lives in a tent, who has to go hunting for food and who has to deal with her looks on her own because there is no maid to help her style up her gorgeous long hair or to mix and match her chic corset bodices with her knee length skirts! She still has you, her faithful friend and great fashion adviser and she relies on your help today, so are you ready to start running your fingers through her impressive collection of chic corset bodices skirts with Aztec designs, boots, sandals and statement accessories? Put your fashion skills to a major test while playing this Aztec princess dress up game and try to put together a lovely outfit for our beautiful princess to wear today, pairing it up with the right pair of shoes, arm wears, belts, chains and hair accessories. Enjoy it girls! Frankie Stein Hai... Frankie Stein Haircuts Monster High Frankie Stein surely has an unique fashion style and a fabulous hairstyle to die for, but she sometimes feels the need of a change. That's why today she is determined to get a new haircut, to fit the new style she has planed to try on this summer! So girls, get the 'Frankie Stein Haircuts' game started, be Frankie's professional hairdresser and help her get a new and fresh hairstyle for the sunny season! First of all, you have to take a really good care of your hair by shampooing it, drying it and brushing it! Once this task accomplished, you can go ahead with your work and start using that professional pair of scissors and start cutting it until you obtain the desired length. Then you can use the small curlers or the big ones to create a wavy hairdo for her or you can just style it up in a fancy ponytail. Go crazy with the color palette option you have at your disposal in our 'Frankie Stein Haircut' game and use some bits of candy-pink, soft baby blue, light mauve or bright green to give it a highly original touch! Now, if your happy with the result you can accessorize Frankie's brand new hairstyle with some girly-girl hair accessories. Complete Frankie's brand new look with a new outfit, choosing from her wardrobe the outfit you fancy the most to dress her up in! Have a wonderful time playing this great game! Sleepy Girl Sleepy Girl This game girls is for all of us who don't like waking up in the morning and especially at 7 AM. Jana here is part of our little world wide club of late day sleepers and we're gonna help her look fabulous when she wakes up. She won't even know it and there will be, at least for today, no more late class arrivals. First we start with her eyebrows. We give them a nice touch just to look fresh. Then we jump to the eyelash, eye shadow is next, lipstick and blush. Take your time playing this game as we want as little mistakes as possible and if you feel you made one, just click play again and the game will start over :D neat, ha? After we're done with the makeover part of the game we go over to the hairstyle. You can go through all the styles and pick the one you like the most. Then add some style to the room as well, I'm sure she'll like it when she wakes up. Don't make too much noise or she'll wake up.. and we spoil the surprise. At the end, in a very quiet manner, we take a picture to save our work for later. Maybe new ideas will pop and we'll be able to re-do all the styling, better. Have fun girls with DressUpWho's girlie games. Graduation Day Ha... Graduation Day Haircut Hey, hey... it's graduation day! It's an important day as this is your last day in school as a senior and we definitely understand why you want everything to be perfect: your chic outfit should perfectly be matched with a flawless make up and with a super stylish hairdo, of course! But your gorgeous long hair is a disaster today and no matter how much you try you can not have any elegant hairstyle as you dreamed it. It needs some professional help that's for sure, but hey... that's why we are here, to help you style it up for one of the most important days of your life, your graduation day! First of all, you have to take a really good care of your hair by shampooing it, drying it and brushing it! Once this task accomplished, you can go ahead with your work and start using that professional pair of scissors and start cutting it until you obtain the desired length. Then you can use a hair straightener to give it a perfect shape or you can curl it up by using some big or small curlers, as you wish! You can also pick from a great selection of bangs the one which best fit your new hairstyle and by using your favorite colors you can dye your hair in candy-pink, bold green or lovely blue hues for a fresh new look! Once you are happy with the result, you can make your brand new hairstyle stand out with some wonderful accessories: graduation hats, lovely bows, headbands and so on. Now the only thing you still need to decide is the outfit you are going to pick for the big day! Have fun being your own hairstylist creating the coolest haircut for the graduation day! Natural Beauty Natural Beauty It's time for us to bring up in front of you a new Winx Club character and this time, girls, we are going to spend the time dressing up the natural beauty - Flora! Flora is the Fairy of Nature so it's only natural that she gets her powers and energy from flowers, plants, grass and trees. Being interested in experimenting with her plants, Flora became the potion master of the group who specialized in brewing and creating remedies and medicines from the uses of her magical plants. As any girl of her age, she's sixteen-year-old, Flora is very interested in fashion, too and one of her main preoccupations is to look flawless weather she's attending the school classes, she's in her magical garden trying to create a new magic potion or she's out there enjoying the nature! Get the 'Natural Beauty' dress up game started, be Flora's personal fashion stylista and help her put together a colorful outfit for today so that she can look lovely and sweet as she always does! Look through her fantasy wardrobe, rummage through her collection of hot leggings and shorts, through her lovely chic puffed sleeve blouses and stylish fantasy jumpsuits that you have there, and see what look best highlights her fantasy beauty! Once the main decision was taken, don't forget to accessorize her fairytale look, too, with candy colored heels, gorgeous fluttery wings and a super stylish hairstyle, as well! Have a blast!