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Sweet November Date Sweet November Date November is a rainy month, but it is also a very romantic one. Just remember all the romantic movies you have seen, didn’t all of them have a rain scene? So dating in November it is probably the best way to make sure you will meet your soul mate! That is what our girl thinks anyway, but she and her date seem pretty in love, so she might be on to something. You can make sure their sweet November date goes well by helping both of them getting the perfect outfits. The girl can wear a sweet pink pastel dress with a feminine pink umbrella, a nice hat with a rose on it, some sweet candy pink rain boots and a nice short sleeved white and pink blazer, a green top with a brown pair of pants and a black vest, accessorized with a golden chain, red high heels and a blue and green umbrella, or a red and yellow striped dress with a mustard jacket over and a long comfy red scarf around her neck, some long earrings and a cheerful umbrella. He can wear a striped t-shirt with baggy jeans, red sneakers, a funky hat and a manly trench or a classic white shirt white a dark gray blazer and a white elegant scarf. Have an amazing time playing Sweet November Date! Birthday Clown Ma... Birthday Clown Makeover Jessy is definitely the funniest girl I've ever met! She's the main attraction at the National Circus and she spends her leisure time attending birthday parties where she entertains the little ones with her funky looking clown outfits and with her funny jokes! She has been hired to surprise your little sister on her 6th birthday but she totally forgot to bring her props, so it seems Jessy needs your help girls to improvise an authentic clown look! Can you help her out? As you might already know it, clowns usually wear all sorts of makeups on their face and in order to be able to have one, Jessy's complexion needs a special care and preparation, so what about starting with a fun facial session? Apply a delicate cleanser, use the hot steamer to open the pores, pop out the pimples and then use a delicate eye cream to remove the black circles under her eyes. Don't forget to also apply a nourishing face masks and to style up her bushy eyebrows for a complete beauty treatment! Now here is where the fun part begins =). Continue playing the 'Birthday Clown Makeover' game, go to the next page of the game and help Jessy put together her funky clown look by choosing a colorful wig and a cute loose outfit to fit her playful style. Complete her look with a bright makeup look, accessorize her outfit with your favorite jewelries and don't forget to also select some colorful balloons or maybe some pink fluffy bunny ears to complement her look with! Have a great time playing this fun makeover game! Vintage Sweaters Vintage Sweaters The fun thing about adding vintage pieces to your wardrobe is the variety in how you can wear them! A lovely vintage dress adorned with a lovely white collar will help you look very elegant and girly-girl on a beautiful autumn day and a successful mix between a chic pair of jeans and the right vintage sweater will help you stand out of the crown every time you decide to wear it. Are you still looking for a comfy outfit to wear while strolling down the city's crowded streets? We might have some suggestions! This fall, these precious looking, little-old-lady sweaters are back in trend and you little fashionistas will surely want to have in your own wardrobes once you will discover how easily they can add some touches of elegance and femininity to your daily outfits, but do you girls know how to wear them? No worries ladies, we will show you a few ways to wear them right! Play our brand-new dress up game, mix and match your favorite clothing pieces with the right accessories and put together a colorful daytime look, a lovely office look, the perfect school outfit and more. Match each of your selections with a new hairstyle and a bright makeup look and voila... you'll have an unique style to stand out among your trendy friends. Have fun playing the 'Vintage Sweaters' dress up game! Raven Queen Makeo... Raven Queen Makeover Raven Queen is the stylish daughter of the Evil Queen, the villain from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the main rebel student in the Ever After High series. Although most people expect her to be evil like her mother, she has decided to be against traditions and do anything possible to rewrite her destiny and have a Happily Ever After of her own! For the beginning, she has decided to remove that evil makeup look and to replace it with a more adorable, girly-girl one and here is where she needs your helping hand! Play the Ever After High 'Raven Queen Makeover' game and start Raven's beautifying session with a fun facial meant to refresh her complexion. Apply a delicate scrub to make her skin smooth, then use a nourishing face mask for a healthy skin and don't forget to also style up her bushy eyebrows, too. Continue with the hair caring session, be Raven's super talented hairstylist and create a new and fresh look for her hair while playing with all of those great hair care products and styling tools that you have at your disposal. Then go to the next page of the game, open Raven's professional make-up kit and feel free to pick out your favorite colors to design a cute makeup look for our rebellious girl here. Choose for her a new outfit and for a complete makeover session, accessorize it with precious looking earrings and necklaces! Have a great time playing the 'Raven Queen Makeover' game! Candy Land Spa Candy Land Spa Have you heard the news, ladies? DressUpWho has just opened a new spa in town and you girls are invited to the Candy Land Spa, the place where you get to relax and enjoy a fun pampering session from head to toe! A day in this sweet place is what you surely need to charge your batteries after a long and stressful week, so feel free to step in getting our brand-new makeover game started and prepare to try out all those candy pink and sweet purple creams, colorful massage oils, chocolate scrubs and hot candy stones for a complete back massage session! Start your pampering day with a massage where you can use a candy pink cream, a rainbow colored oil and a scrub glove to make the skin smooth. Then apply a nourishing body mask, too in order to make the skin soft and beautiful. Once you're done, continue with the make-up session we've prepared for you! Select a candy-inspired color for your eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick in order to obtain a joyful makeup look! Finally, to perfectly end up your day at the famous candy land spa, choose a colorful outfit to dress yourself up with, do your hair and accessorize your brand-new look with glittering jewelries! Have a great time, girls!! Halloween Pumpkin... Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Game The Halloween holiday is fast-approaching and as a part of the tradition most of us will be looking forward for the best ideas on how to create the most original Jack O'Lantern ever! But if you guys have no skills in the pumpkin carving field or if this year you are going to make the spooky pumpkin on your own, you shouldn't worry at all... we at DressUpWho will guide you through the pumpkin decoration process with our step-by-step instructions provided in our newest 'Halloween Pumpkin Decoration' game! First of all, look for a big and fat, orange pumpkin, wash it with warm water and then use a delicate towel to dry it well! When the pumpkin carving session begins, the first thing you need to deal with is to remove the seeds it has inside. Great job girls! Now that you have your pumpkin ready for the decoration part, you can go to the next page of the game and select its creepy looking face. Once you have decided on the pattern for your Halloween pumpkin you get to carve its eyes, nose and mouth. Pretty cool, isn't it? And that's not all! This year your super Jack O'Lantern will surely be available in your favorite color as playing the 'Halloween Pumpkin Decoration' game you get to color it up in sweet candy shades. Accessorize it right, select a nice background for your creation and don't to also bring in some spooky creatures for a frightening effect! Have a great time! Cleo De Nile Anci... Cleo De Nile Ancient Makeover Cleo de Nile is one of the oldest ghouls attending the school at the famous Monster High, she's 5,842 and we have to admit it girls: at her age she really looks drop-dead gorgeous! That might be because she's very, very careful with her beauty routine... not to mention that she also knows some important beauty tricks that she uses since the time of her ancestors. Well girls, playing our brand new Monster High Makeover Game you are going to discover some of Cleo's ancient makeover tricks and tips that are very well hidden behind her stunning and glowing of health complexion! So the first thing you need to do while playing the 'Cleo De Nile Ancient Makeover' game is to make sure that all her homemade face masks, scrubs and delicate cleansers are there at hand and then you can start using them by following her precious indication! Apply the cleanser, pop out the pimples, use the right scrub for her type of complexion to remove the dead cells, use a special eye cream for those ugly-looking black circles under her eyes and a refreshing thermal water for a complete facial treatment. Once you're done dealing with her beauty routine, you can go to the next page of the game and help Cleo prepare to impress her ghoul friends with a brand new, highly original school look! Put your make-up artist skills to a major test and create her a colorful makeup look and then see what new outfit you can pull out from her royal wardrobe to dress up with! In order to complete Cleo's new look, select a fitting hairstyle and some glittering jewelries to match! Have a great time playing our 'Cleo De Nile Ancient Makeover' game! Vampire Facial Ma... Vampire Facial Makeover If you couldn't find your Halloween costume in our Zombie Princess Facial Makeover game no worries, girls... we have this brand-new holiday themed game called 'Vampire Facial Makeover' which will surely inspire you and help you find a drop-dead gorgeous costume for this this year's Halloween haunting night! Get it started girls and meet Lina, the girl who will guide you through this Halloween costume searching adventure. Firstly, she will show you how to take care of your face and how to properly prepare it for the spooky make up session with delicate cleansers and nourishing face masks. Use the hot steamer to open the pores, then pop out the pimples and don't forget to also spoil your eyes with two slices of kiwi fruit. Once you're done dealing with Lina's facial treatment, feel free to go to the next page of the game girls and start creating a scary Halloween look for her eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips. Now you get to select your vampire costume by choosing from the ones we have prepared for you the once you fancy the most! Accessorize with a hairstyle to match, earrings, chains and rings for a complete Halloween costume! Have a great time playing our newest Halloween Holiday themed makeover game! Zombie Princess F... Zombie Princess Facial Makeover Lina already decided what spooky look she will wear at the annual Halloween party: this year she will be a Zombie Princess, hopefully the creepiest of all! Well girls, putting together a zombie outfit for the upcoming Halloween night is surely an easy thing to do, but the makeup for this costume requires some experience as it can make or break her Halloween costume. But Lina is willing to try anything just to get a successful Halloween costume. This year Lina's Halloween costume will also require a deathly zombie-like makeup and since she's getting ready to apply sorts of cosmetics on her delicate face, she would love to firstly prepare it with the right facial treatment. This is the first step of her costume creation, so would you girls like to give her a helping hand and learn how to put together your own Halloween Zombie Princess? Start the facial treatment by applying a delicate cleanser, then use a special tool to pop out her pimples, apply a scrub to remove the dead cells and a nourishing oranges face mask to complete the facial treatment with. Once you're done with Lina's facial caring process, you can go to the next page of the game and start creating the zombie makeup look. Pick the right foundation to create a stone cold look for her face and body, then pick out some colored contacts to add an extra effect to your original outfit. By using dark and cold colors you get to create a deathly zombie-like makeup for her. You're almost done, girlies! Now you need to pick a ripped dress to dress Lina up with and then don't forget to accessorize it with the matching earrings and chain jewelry set. Select a messy wig, too in order to complete her Lina's super original Halloween Zombie Princess costume. Have a great time playing our Holiday themed 'Zombie Princess Facial Makeover' game! Apple White Hairc... Apple White Haircuts Apple White is the princess daughter of Snow White and one of the most beautiful little princesses attending the school at the famous Ever After High. She is also one of the main characters of the series, she's Royal and everyone at the famous school for princesses and fairies seem to be hypnotized by her beauty. She surely is one fashionable cutie pie, Apple White being presented in a modern look and her incredible long and nicely styled blonde curls are absolutely to die for. There is no wonder it gets so many wows... Apple White is very careful with her stunning golden hair, making sure to use the best products on the market when it comes to its caring and styling. There are some secrets hidden behind her absolutely gorgeous and perfect hairstyles and you are going to discover them while playing our brand new Apple White Haircuts game. In this Ever After High hair game you will be Apple's professional hairstylist and you are going to help her create a new and fresh look for her hair while playing with all of those great hair care products and styling tools that you have at your disposal. So feel free to get it started, and first off all, take a good care of her hair by shampooing it and drying it! Use the scissors to cut off the damaged hair tips and then start styling up Apple White's gorgeous hair creating a straight, wavy or curly haircut for our beautiful queen-to-be here. Use your favorite shades from the professional color palette for a complete hairstyling session. Now feel free to go to the next page of the game and select a lovely princess dress to dress Apple White up with and don't forget to also accessorize it with glittering jewelries and girly-girl hair accessories! Have a great time playing our 'Apple White Haircuts' game! Fair Isle Style G... Fair Isle Style Game Autumn has decided to be kind with us this year and even if the season started with dull rainy days now it seems to spoil us with its perfect temperatures, cold foggy mornings and sunny days! Autumn is definitely the perfect season of the year to explore the nature, to watch it changing color and preparing for the long cold winter or to take long walks in your favorite park and it is also the best season to bring in the spotlight your warm sweaters, funky ponchos, chic tights and colorful hats knitted in the famous Fair Isle patterns. This cute teen girl here can't wait to start mixing her chic, cozy and warm knitted pieces with her bouffant miniskirts, capri pants and comfy leather boots and create a stylish outfit to wear today - can you help her out, girls? Have her try on all your favorite pieces and once you've managed to find the wining combination, feel free to start styling it up with colorful gloves, funky uppers and with a new, trendy hairstyle. Have a great time plying our brand new Fair Isle Style Game! Autumn Dress Up G... Autumn Dress Up Game With the chilly weather and rainy days upon us, it's time for you girls to start looking for the chicest clothing pieces and accessory items of the fall 2013 season and pick out the ones you fancy the most to prep your wardrobe for the season ahead! The autumn collection we are about to present you in our newest dress up game brings up a wide variety of chic shirts paired with lovely over-tops, girly-girl off shoulder blouses, cozy knitted loose dresses that you get to mix up with colorful tights, hot looking shorts, neon capris, miniskirts and chic jeans. Oh and that's not all, girls! You are not going to play with gloomy shades, but with lovely pinks, vibrant purples, yellows or blues to brighten up the changing autumn days, so are you girls ready to discover what has prepared for you in its brand-new dress up game? Hurry up ladies, get it started and begin creating the best look of this fall season, making sure it is both comfy and chic at the same time. First of all, choose a lovely casual hairstyle for your model girl, then look through all the category tabs and feel free to pick out your favorite pieces and create the perfect outfit for a cold autumn day. The pieces we've gathered in the 'Autumn Dress Up' game can provide endless suggestions for school outfits or for chic office looks as well as for a stroll in the park or for casual daytime looks. Accessorize your choice with the right pair of leather boots and with a matching purse, colorful earrings and a soft scarf. A lovely knitted hat or a fancy beret will add so much chicness to your unique autumn look, so don't forget to check them out, too. Have a blast! Avocado And Egg H... Avocado And Egg Hair Mask Avocados are not only nature's super-food or some of the most delicious fruit we've ever had! Believe it or not girls, inside this delicious fruit you can find some of the oldest and best kept beauty secrets. Home beauty experts swear by avocado, being well-known that its special oils and proteins can repair damaged hair and that its rich vitamins promote hair growth! So ladies, if you're having a really bad hair day or if you find it really damaged by the sun overexposure, you girls should go for a homemade avocado hair mask. And for effective super benefits you should also add some egg yolks, the naturally moisturizing for hair and the perfect ingredients for reviving dry hair. Now that you know a couple of the most important benefits of an avocado and egg hair mask, how about learning how to make this wonderful treatment for hair from the scratch? Playing our brand new hair care game you girls are going to discover which are the main ingredients for this rocking hair mask and after that you are also going to learn how to mix them right. First of all, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Rinse the foam and dry it well by using the professional hairdryer you have at your disposal in this game. Great! Now you're ready to go to the next page of the game and start preparing the avocado and egg hair mask. Cut an avocado, mash up half of it, mix it with an egg and some bits of coconut oil and massage into clean hair. Let it sit a bit before rinsing with water. Your silky hair is all prepared for a brand new look, so feel free to pick up the scissors and cut it until you obtain the desired length. Use your favorite hair styling tool to arrange it as nicely as possible and then find a lovely hair accessory to complete your brand-new, girly-girl look with! Look through your wardrobe for a new outfit and pick out the one you fancy the most to wear today while enjoying the afternoon downtown with your best friends. Have a great time playing our new hair game called: Avocado And Egg Hair Mask! Gorgeous Bride Ma... Gorgeous Bride Makeover Game Our gorgeous girl here is getting married today and her main preoccupation right now is to put together a jaw-dropping bridal look for the big day! She has planned a super fun makeover session which will begin with a refreshing facial session, then she will ask her talented make-up artist friend to create a colorful make up look for her and then she will take the time needed to pick her gorgeous wedding gown and the needed accessories... would you like to help her out? Her face dominated by acne surely needs a professional to make it glow of health, so go ahead, get the 'Gorgeous Bride' makeover game started and begin the facial treatment by applying a delicate cleanser on her face. Then use a refreshing eye mask to remove the black circles under her eyes, pop out the pimples, take care of her eyebrows creating a lovely shape for them and finish off the beauty routine by applying a nourishing face mask. Choose an elegant hairstyle for this beautiful bride-to-be, then, then create a bright make up look for her eyes and lips in order to make her look gorgeous on her big wedding day! Choose a sparkling white wedding dress to dress her up and some matching jewelries to complete her bridal look up with! Have a great time playing the 'Gorgeous Bride' makeover game! Crescent Grooming Crescent Grooming Since the very first game of the Monster High pet grooming series was such a huge success we have decided to surprise you with a new one and this time you girls are invited to pamper Clawdeen Wolf's little scary kitten named Crescent! Tonight this drop-dead diva and her fuzzy pet are going to attend a fabulous party and they both need your helping hand to look as stunning as possible, so would you like girls to start their preparation with a fun pet grooming session while taking care of Clawdeen's furry little pet? Give Crescent a warm bubble bath making sure to use the right shampoo for its short and wiry fur, rinse the foam well and then feel free to use a delicate towel and the hair dryer for a complete pet pampering session. Brush its fur and don't forge to also take care of Crescent's claws. Once this step fulfilled you get to customize its brand new look by choosing some crazy contacts for its eyes and a fashionable kitty outfit to dress it up with! And that's not all, girls! Go to the next page of the game and pick out a super trendy outfit for gorgeous Clawdeen Wolf too, choosing a stylish purple dress to dress her up with or maybe a cute top mixed with a lovely miniskirt and matched with a stylish pair of heels and a brand new hairstyle. Accessorize Clawdeen's fashionable look with fabulous earrings and necklaces! Have a great time playing our brand new Monster High Pet Grooming game! Urban Aztec Fashion Urban Aztec Fashion Autumn is the season of ponchos, suede boots and lately Aztec inspired outfits. Urban Aztec prints, super colorful, with gorgeous geometric lines, looking perfect on t-shirts, skirts, shorts and even accessories, have become the style du jour among trendy fashionistas. But not everybody knows how to wear such an ethnic and quite eccentric trend because actually is not that easy to wear. So, lets show you a few ways you can wear it without making a fashion faux pas. For an office outfit, a high-waist skirt with an Aztec print is certainly a clear fashion statement! And if you look for the perfect casual daytime look, a simple black blazer, a pair of booties, a denim mini-skirt and a sheer top with an Aztec print will do it. Play this awesome and ultra-fashion dress up game and come up with lots of combos following Urban Aztec Fashion. Have fun, girls! SpongeBob Haircuts SpongeBob Haircuts Oh boy, I still remember that unique Saturday morning when I saw the first episode of the SpongeBob series! I was amazed to see that there is actually life underwater and that the creatures living there have an exquisite sense of fashion, that they have friends, prosperous business and also tiny little problems. Life is great and agitated in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom and when it gets boring, SpongeBob SquarePents and his friends always find a new adventure to spice it up a bit! Girls, today you're going to discover SpongeBob's great underwater world as you're his special guest there, how cool is that? You're invited to pack all the things needed in your special hair stylist kit, get the 'Spongebob Haircuts' hair game started and begin a wonderful journey among friendly fish, colorful seaweed vegetation and other creatures living there on your way to the city of Bikini Bottom, the place where no one has been before. Hurry up girls, SpongeBob is anxious to meet you and he can't wait to let you play with his long and rich hair-locks. He needs a new and highly original haircut, but firstly you'll have to take a proper care of his hair and wash it with the right type of shampoo in order to obtain a silky look for it! Use the hairdryer to obtain an extra volume. Once this step completed, go to the next page of the game, pick those professional pair of scissors and start cutting SpongeBob's hair until you get the desired length. Use your favorite hairstyling tool to arrange his brand new haircut a bit and then feel free to check out the palette of colors available at your disposal in this hair care game and start dying it up in your favorite shades. Then choose a funky pair of square pants to dress him up with and don't forget to also check the hair accessories option to complete SpongeBob's brand new look with! Have a great time playing the 'SpongeBob Haircuts' game! Chic Elbow Patches Chic Elbow Patches This fall season is all about comfy, cozy clothing items and original accessories and we at DressUpWho have decided to draw your attention with the chicest, must have clothing pieces of the season: the elbow patch dress, blouse and suit jacket. Playing our latest dress up game you girls will find some fun, youthful and feminine elbow patch pieces which are sure to keep you in trends and stylish all fall long and you will also get some great fashion tips on how to pair them with your colorful skinny jeans, hot looking miniskirts, knee-tall boots or ballet shoes, designer handbags and glittering jewelries. Get it started now girls, run your fingers through all the options we've prepared for you in this fashion themed dress up game, have this gorgeous model girl try on all your favorite items and pick out the ones you would all into your wardrobe. As usual, you are going to find clothing pieces and accessory items to fit in a lot of occasions. For example, if you're getting ready to meet your friends downtown at your favorite coffee shop you can go for a lovely off shoulder gray dress with chic elbow parches that you can match with a green pair of knee-tall boots, a cute casual hairstyle, an over-sized handbag and with the right jewelries. But if you're getting ready for the first photo-shoot of this fall season, you can go for something even more stylish and pair your favorite pair of jeans with an elegant suit jacket with elbow patches, shoes and accessories. Have a great time playing the 'Chic Elbow Patches' dress up game! Sweet Cupcake Nai... Sweet Cupcake Nail Design Are you one of those sweet girls who would like to express her love for tiny cupcakes, sweet chocolate cakes, creamy ice creams or other delicious treats with their clothing style as well as accessories or manicure? Then you girls will surely enjoy our brand new 'Sweet Cupcake Nail Design' game as it brings up some cute ideas on how to create some adorable looks for you manicure and match it up with lovely outfits and mind-blowing jewelries. Why stay pleased with only a single nail color when you have the chance to sport a wide variety of colors on the same nail at once? Get this fun manicure game started and let our little fashionista here, Jessy, teach you how to obtain a flawless look for your nails by following a few easy nail caring steps. First of all, cut your nails and give them a really nice shape. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and then wash your hands with a special soap for sensitive skin for a complete hands caring routine. Then go to the next page of the game and select one or several colors for your nail polish and gently dye your nails with the chosen ones. Don't forget to also reward yourself with some chic cupcake nail designs, choosing from the wide variety of patterns, shapes and colors that you have at your disposal in our nail design game the ones you fancy the most! Find a cheerful dress to wear today, create a colorful make up look for your eyes and lips and accessorize your colorful look with glittering jewelries. Have a great time playing the 'Sweet Cupcake Nail Design' game! Fair Isle Style Fair Isle Style It's autumn again, the great season which brings up both rainy days and lovely sunny days, too! It's September again and we at DressUpWho have decided to celebrate the new season right and draw your attention with the must have clothing pieces of the season. For long walks in the park, to keep up with the newest trends or if you just want to feel comfy and chic in a gloomy rainy day, then you girls should start looking for these new, fresh and modern knitted clothing pieces in the Fair Isle style. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns in a wide variety of designs and with multiple colors, it is so fashionable nowadays and it sure to keep you warm, comfy and chic during these chilly days! Our brand new make-up and dress up game brings up an entire collection of knitted dresses, loose blouses and colorful tops that you can pair up with pants in one color, leather boots, cashmere scarves, sparkling jewelries and girly-girl hair accessories. And that's not all, girls! It also has a make up part and some cute hairstyles to complete your brand new fall look with, so get it started girls, run your fingers though all the options we have prepared for you and put together the winning mix which is sure to impress all your friends. Enjoy playing the 'Fair Isle Style' dress up and make-up game! Coffee N' Cocoa M... Coffee N' Cocoa Mask Makeover The coffee and cocoa face mask is well-known for its refreshing benefits and is also one of the few face masks which is ideal for all skin types. Playing our brand new makeover game you girls are going to discover how to make these wonderful masks in your own bathroom and for a wide variety of skin issues, too from dry, cracked cheeks and dull foreheads to acne breakouts so, are you girls ready to try them out? Get the 'Coffee N' Cocoa Mask Makeover' game started and, first of all, meet Jenny, a super talented beautician and the girl who will guide you through this great beautifying process. Jenny woke up this morning with her face full of pimples and because she wanted to look flawless for her boyfriend today she started looking on the internet for the best face masks for her problem, the ones that will provide a perfect complexion in just a few minutes! The coffee and cocoa face mask was the one that caught her attention, so right now, Jenny is trying her best to create the face masks needed to clean, brighten and tighten her complexion! Help her create the first one which will have a dual function, exfoliating and nourishing, by mixing the grounded coffee beans with some bits of milk and olive oil. Once the mixture is ready, use a soft sponge to cover Jenny's face with this wonderful mask. Then pop out her pimples and clean up the face by using a special choco cacao scrub, in order to remove the dead skin cells. Then help Jenny prepare a nourishing face mask as well, mixing the grounded coffee beans with milk, powdered organic cocoa, lemon juice and some honey too, and don't forget to also take care of her bushy eyebrows and give them a lovely shape. Continue Jenny's beautifying session with the make-up step, a part in which you get to choose from a wide variety of bright colors and professional cosmetics your favorites and create a lovely looks for her green eyes and gorgeous lips. In order to have her ready for her date, choose her a new hairdo, dress her up in a colorful, summery outfit and don't forget to accessorize the chosen one with a glittering pair of earrings and with a matching chain, as well! Have a great time playing the 'Coffee N Cocoa Mask Makeover' game, girls! Emma's Flower Bou... Emma's Flower Boutique Emma has loved flowers her entire life, because they are beautiful and delicate and because the always make her happy. So her dream job was always working in a flower boutique and now her dream is finally realized. She worked hard and her boss was happy and everyone lived in harmony. But one day her boss decided to take a break and go on vacation and hired a replacement to take his place. Emma soon discovered that her new temporary boss is nothing like her real one, because she has a mean attitude and never lets her go on breaks. Emma wants to keep her job so she has to complete all her tasks, but she also needs to let go of some stress if she wants to make it until her real boss returns. Help her out, ladies! In the upper right corner of the screen you have a timer. Emma has to do some small things she enjoys before the time runs out, but also without getting caught. So when you see her boss approaching, you should quickly click the X. Emma wants to count flower petals, plants her own flower and grow it, catch insects in jars, decorate a big hat with pretty flowers, arrange flowers in a vase, solve a bunny puzzle and train her memory. Can you help her out with all these tasks? Have a great time! Back To School Ha... Back To School Haircuts The first day of the school year should have the same importance that graduation day had a few months ago when you have managed to impress your colleagues with a super cool hairstyle you created on your own while playing our 'Graduation Day Haircut' game! So... how about creating something as original for the back to school event, girls? This is going to be your last chance to flaunt a perfect look since you are a senior... so roll up your sleeves girls, get the 'Back To School Haircuts' game started and let's find out together what new hairstyle would best fit the outfit you have prepared for the big day =)! First of all, you have to take a special care of your gorgeous hair-locks and treat them well with the suitable shampoo for your hair type. Start by applying the hair cleanser carefully, rinse the foam, dry it by using the professional hairdryer that you have at your disposal in this super fun hair care game and then start brushing it till it turns straight and silky! Once this task accomplished, you can go to the next page of the game and continue your with the styling part. Decide if you'd like to have it shorter and if so use that professional pair of scissors and start cutting it until you obtain the desired length. Then you can select your favorite hair styling tool and start creating a perfectly straight or a curly haircut for your first school day! You can also choose from a great selection of colors some daring pink shades, lovely baby-blue shades or some dramatic mauve bits to dye up a few hair-locks up with! Great job girls... now let's open the professional make-up kit and try to create a cool school make up look, too! Find a crazy pair of contacts to match your new hair color, then use your favorite colors to create a playful look for your eyes and lips and make sure you emphasize your girly-girl eye make up look with one or several coats of black mascara and with a thin layer of peach blush on your cheeks. Select a fancy outfit to wear for this occasion and feel free to accessorize you super chic school girl look some glittering jewelries and a colorful hair-accessory! Have a great time playing our 'Back To School Haircuts' game! Draculaura Bloody... Draculaura Bloody Makeover This brand new Monster High makeover game brings up one of the most popular ghouls attending the classes and the famous school of monsters, Draculaura! If you girls are one of this chic ghoul's fans, then you should begin preparing for a new challenge with one of your favorite characters, get the 'Draculaura Bloody Makeover' game started and discover what she has prepared for you today. Well girls, it seems that Draculaura would like to share her beauty secrets with you, girls, so that you can look fabulous like she looks every day! Start Draculaura's facial treatment with a delicate cleanser, then apply a herbal mixture on her pimples to dry them out and a nutritious face mask as well. In order to remove those ugly and deep black circles under her eyes, you should use a refreshing eye mask, then feel free to use that professional pair of tweezers and style up those bushy eyebrows, creating a stylish new shape for them. With some bits of thermal water you get to calm down her face after this beauty treatment and don't forget to also apply a moisturizer suitable for her age in order to make her complexion look perfect and glowing of health. Pay a great attention to this beauty session, girls, because she has some tips and she is going to show you how to look years younger! Continue playing Draculaura's bloody makeover with a fun make up session, then style up her gorgeous hair-locks and in order to complete her fabulous new look start dressing her in one of her monstrously chic outfits. She needs some accessories, as well, so make sure you pick out the ones that best complement the chosen outfit! Have a great time playing this brand new Monster High Makeover Game!