Dog Hotel 2

Dog Hotel 2
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Given the fact that the first virtual dog hotel was a great success it's time for you to put up the second one. Gather your talented management staff, take the challenge and get the "Dog Hotel 2" pet caring game started! Oh, look!! The first puppy owner has just entered your dog day care center and has brought in his dear doggy! Wow...Your business has just started working!! This is really, really great!! Quick, get the doggy and start taking care of his needs: give him water and food when he asks for, take him to the vet when he looks ill, take time to play with him when he's in mood and make sure that at the end of the day he receives a royal, warm bubble bath, too. Look at the door now, you have another client! Amazing!! Keep up the good work and turn your dog hotel into the best place to hang out for all the doggies out there!
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