Cool Bratz Girl

Cool Bratz Girl
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Are you looking forward for the best fashion tips, the ones that will turn you into the coolest girl in the neighborhood? Then you should look here, in the 'Cool Bratz Girl' dress up game, this lovely doll surely has the tips you're looking her neighborhood she's the one in charge with the latest fashion tips! You are lucky because this cutie has the richest collection of everything and you can borrow anything you want! First of all, you need a really crazy haircut, the one able to draw the attention of everybody. After finding the craziest of all, make sure you accessorize it up with a fancy hat, a chic hairband or a bow adorned hair accessory. Next step, outfit! You will need something extravagant and sophisticated...maybe a tutu dress or a shinny jumpsuit or a pop star top paired with a some hot looking tights or a chic mini-skirt...something you like! Accessories? Yes, sire! Something over-sized and glittery at the same time would add so much chicness to your new, cool look! Have fun!
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