Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner
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Roast turkey is a great meal not just for Thanksgiving dinner but also for Christmas dinner! Helen has some cracking roasted turkey recipes from her grandmother but she thinks that this the greatest and today she's going to teach you how to cook it on your own. Play the "Christmas Dinner" cooking game and learn from a super talented chef all the hidden secrets behind this recipe while following step-by-step all her instructions! There are a few basic steps you need to accomplish in order to come up with a delicious roasted turkey meal: first of all make sure you wash the turkey well, then prepare the marinade sauce by mixing all the ingredients indicated by Helen and genly pour the sauce over the turkey. Let it rest and meanwhile prepare the stuffing and the delicious, honey sauce, too then put everything together and roast the turkey into the oven until it gets that beautiful golden brown color. Here is your Christmas dinner...simply delicious! Enjoy it!
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