Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Chocolate Walnut Cookies
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Now this is what I love to call an explosive combination of chocolate and walnuts with a perfectly round shape of soft and crunchy cookie! Are you ready to learn the secrets hidden behind the cookie which perfectly goes with you morning coffee, the cookie which sometimes replaces the dessert after lunch or the snack which accompanies your favorite movie in the evening? Then put your favorite apron on and let's start baking! These chocolate walnut cookies have a really special batter made of a mixture flour, sugar, eggs, some bits of salt, chocolate and nuts, all of them stirred till the batter is right. So, start adding and mixing the ingredients listed above in the order indicated in the 'Chocolate Walnut Cookies' cooking game till the butter is right, then make the cookies, put them in a backing tray and bake the cookies in the oven until they turn golden-brown! Have fun!
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