Chicken General Tso

Chicken General Tso
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Wow, my favorite dish turned to be a super fun cooking game! You're going to love this girls...and twice more if you love the 'Chicken General Tso' dish as much as I do! All the required ingredients and the needed kitchen tools have been prepared for you, so get the chicken general tso cooking game started and learn how to make this crispy treat on your own! Mix the right ingredients to make the crisp and then start slicing the veggies needed for the sauce! Fry the sliced chicken covered with a egg based batter until it turns golden brown and then use the same pan to fry the veggies as well! Once the veggies are cooked mix them with the fried chicken and let the mixture boil for a couple of minutes! That's all girls, the chicken general tso is ready to be served Enjoy it!
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