Brave Falcon

Brave Falcon
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Let's imagine this: you found a wild Falcon and as you can see, it is so weakened, poor thing. Would you be so kind and take care of it until it is strong enough to find his way back to the sky? It needs help with flying as it is having a hard time with keeping its balance in the air and here you'll have to teach it again to fly in the skies. And because you are going to be its trainer, you can also chose a helmet for him, protecting his head this way during the flight, a nice chain and some lovely feet accessories to be able to distinguish it from the multitude of falcons flying around. So, are you ready to start the training and take care of this wild Falcon? Do you think you have what it takes to turn him into an adult Falcon who is ready to go back in the wild and survive on its own? Then get the 'Brave Falcon' pet caring game started, show off your pet caring skills and have fun while doing it!
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