Bratzillaz Yasmina Clairvoya Dress Up

Bratzillaz Yasmina Clairvoya Dress Up
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Yasmina Clairvoya from Bratzillas can see well into the future. Now she needs a new chic look to match her awesome superpower. Although she knows what will happen in the future, she really has a taste for the past, so make retro and vintage choices for her. Start with her hair, that you can style it in an old Hollywood look or braid it for a wacky look. You will find many clothes, from short pink dresses to 70’s style pants, ballerina dresses and capes. Whatever you choose, add some accessories to complete the outfit, earrings, necklaces, socks and shoes. Just make sure you are ready for high heels, because she will not go for anything else, but you can select between boots, sandals or simple shoes. You can also give her a little quark with an out of the ordinary item, like a monocle or a mask. Have a great time!
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