Beren Saat Makeover

Beren Saat Makeover
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Beren Saat is a very talented Turkish actress. She wants to get a complete makeover because as all famous girls come to find out, they need to change their look very often so that the fans do not get bored. But you also have to keep in mind when creating her new look, that she serves as a role model for millions of girls all over the world, so she needs to make a positive impression. Start with her hair and change its style and color. You can then proceed to make up. You can give her contact lenses to change the color of her eyes. Use mascara, eye shadow, blush, foundation and lipstick. Dress her up in an elegant dress that she can wear on the red carpet. Accessorize it matching earrings and necklaces. You can also give her some edge with some interesting piercings. Have fun!
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