Barbie Roman Princess Dress Up

Barbie Roman Princess Dress Up
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Barbie had a fabulous dream last night. She dreamed about being a beautiful Roman princess wearing gorgeous Roman style dresses, shoes, hairstyles and accessories. Now Barbie wants to share her Barbie Roman Princess fashion dream with you, ladies! Play the 'Barbie Roman Princess' dress up game and dress Barbie up in stunning Roman princess attires that you get to match up with golden earrings, bracelets and knee tall leather sandals with chic traps. Take a look at Barbie's Roman princess dresses, have her try them all out and pick out your favorite to dress her in for the day. Then see which of those lovely hairstyles you can use for the chosen dress and don't forget to also pick some matching accessories as well! Have a fashion blast playing the 'Barbie Roman Princess' dress up game!
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