Barbie Musketeer Princess Dress Up

Barbie Musketeer Princess Dress Up
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Have you heard the story of the Three Musketeers? They were a part of the royal guard in France, a long time ago and they were very brave men, but at the same time, really good friends. And friendship is one of the things that Barbie values the most. So when she and her girlfriends planned a trip in France, she decided to throw a themed party, where all the girls would dress up in princess versions of the Musketeers, to remind them of their special bond. Help Barbie choose her own Princess Musketeer outfit. You will have to decide between colorful princess gowns with veils and elegant prints and tops with a lot of ruffles on their sleeves. She surely needs a big hat with a feather and some golden jewelry. You can even give her a cute sword as a prop, or maybe just a fan with some fur on it. Have fun!
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